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The Benefits of Updating Your Website’s Framework

Web Designers

Your website’s framework is the application or software that helps you develop it. Web frameworks simplify the process of building a webpage. They’re available for both front-end and back-end design, so you can use these programs to customize your site in various ways. There are many website frameworks available, each with its own strengths and limitations. In the right situation, updating your framework could give your business the boost you’re looking for.

Increased Flexibility

If you’re starting to feel limited by the capabilities of your current framework, it may be time to update to something with greater functionality. Many popular frameworks like Django and Bootstrap work with applications and extensions that allow you more personalization in your site design. Layering various applications and modules within your website will help you create a finished product that’s unique to your needs. If your current framework doesn’t support the third-party applications that you’re interested in, you’ll enjoy greater flexibility by updating to a different one.

Better Security

Online security is an important topic for modern businesses. If your site isn’t secure, it could fall victim to an attack that compromises not only your own data but that of your customers as well. You can expect to lose customers fast if they find that their information isn’t safe on your site. According to Experian’s Global Identity and Fraud Report, 74% of consumers identify security as the most important part of their online experience.

Updating your website’s framework may allow you to increase security, particularly if you’re working with a minimalist product like Node, which relies heavily on the developer to build in adequate protections. Consider moving to a framework with a more robust security suite built in to help you keep your customers safe.

A Fresh Experience

Over half of businesses feel that they should redesign their websites annually. Moving to a new framework can help you accomplish this goal. If you’re changing your branding or promoting a new, more functional experience on your webpage, updating your framework is often an essential part of the conversion process. Every framework has its own design, function, and capabilities. If you’re working with a framework that has you boxed in, it’s a good idea to explore other options and see if you can find the fresh look and feel that you’re after with another choice.

Responsive Web Design

Does your current framework support responsive web design? A responsive site alters its appearance to suit the device that the visitor is using. Nearly half of global website traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it’s important to cater to these users. If your current framework isn’t streamlined to allow for simple responsive layouts, you should update as soon as possible so you’re working with a product that lets you meet your visitors where they are.

If your website isn’t delivering the experience that you’re after, updating to a different framework may offer just what you’re looking for. Research your options carefully so you’re able to make a choice that you can stick with comfortably as you move forward.

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