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Experience Closely! 6 Tips To Travel Like A Local

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One of the many things which make international travel worth everything is an inclination to live like a local. I totally dislike the approach in which people travel just for sightseeing without any aim to understanding the culture. If you want to travel the way it should be, you should try living like locals and finding out what the place is all about.

Traveling is an enriching experience. It is exciting as well as informative. Most of us tend to only stick to the first part, but those who stick to both enjoy the best of both worlds. However, all of this might sound convenient, but living like a local is not necessarily easy. But, fret not, because I have a few quick tips for you to remember.

Follow the following 6 tips, and I bet you will find the whole “living like a local” thing much easier.

  1. Live With A Local
    First thing first, to experience the local life, you need to start from lodgings. It is highly recommended that you find local accommodation so that you get to live and eat with locals and understand the ground reality better.
    In many countries, programs are run which allow foreigners to stay with locals such as Japan. You should find out about these programs in the country which you are visiting and sign up for it.
    Also, local accommodation will help you cut costs which otherwise go into expensive hotel accommodation.
  2. Make Sure You Try The Local Food
    Why would you want to spend your money on generic high-end food when you can get the real taste of the local cuisine? You should certainly try the local cuisine even if you do not like it or are not much of a foodie.
    They say that the secret of knowing a place is its food. You should give it a try and decide for yourself whether it is up to your liking. Moreover, you can use help from locals about the best places to eat. Do not depend entirely on what is available on the Internet. Explore and you will get more than you know!
  3. Know Local Transportation
    Most of the countries have a reasonable network of transportation—you will come across many familiar modes of transportation such as subway or buses. But, every country comes with its own peculiar forms of transportation you might not necessarily find everywhere.
    For example, in India, there is a popular form of transportation called Rickshaw. These are basically tricycles with an enlarged sitting space. Kolkata city, for example, is most famous for its quintessential Yellow taxis which are also regarded as symbolic of the Bengali culture.
  4. Do Not Miss Out On Traditional Outfits
    If you are on an international tour, you will surely come across varying cultures. One of the many manifestations of cultural identity is outfits and you should try them out. For example, you might want to wear traditional Kimono from Japan or a Cowboy outfit from Texas.
    It is always a fun and learning activity to know about traditional outfits and will surely bring you closer to the spirit of the culture.
  5. Try Learning the Language
    While I know learning a new language is a Herculean task, I am not asking you to master it in a few days. All I am asking you to do is to dedicate your energy into learning local phrases and sentences and try using them while communicating. Locals usually appreciate such attempts and offer as much help as possible.
    One thing: try to catch on the dialect prevalent in the place you are staying at. It helps in building confidence and rapport!
  6. Respect Is Must
    Wherever you are, you have been given room to be a part of society. Consider this as a privilege given to you and avoid misusing it. Do not make fun of locals, their culture, language, and anything else with which they identify themselves and their culture. If you want to be nicely treated, you should seriously consider treating the locals nicely.
    The logic is simple: being good and polite to locals will help you build connections, and you can expect more amenability from the part of locals to assist you in your travel. Wouldn’t this make all the traveling a lot easier for you?

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