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World’s Exotic Destinations Which Should Make your Travel List

Kotor, Montenegro

In the current age of urban hustle- bustle and too much of noise, traveling to an exotic destination is every traveler’s dream. Such destinations rejuvenate the body and mind during the travel. Exotic destinations are not only refreshing in landscapes and locations but even give a deep understanding of local history, heritage and culture of a place.

Visiting such places is once in a lifetime experience for any traveler which makes up good memories and breathtaking days. Whoever is planning to make an exciting travel trip should scout for this list of exotic destinations:

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro: Emerald waters and picturesque mountains are the things to look for during the stay here.  The medieval towns like Perast give an opportunity to interact with the locals and understand the beautiful heritage behind the place.

Petra, Jordan:  A cliff between  Red and the Dead Sea, the lost city of Petra has a lot of mysteries and secrets to reveal. The place has several tombs and carved structures in the midst of the sandy landscape.  Many scenes from Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade was shot at this exotic location.

Petra, Jordan

Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces, Longsheng County, China:  The terraced rice fields here cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The rice terraces here resemble dragon’s scales and the mountain ranges look like the backbone of a dragon.

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, Longsheng County, China

Gozo, Malta:  For all those island lovers, Gozo is one of the hottest diving destinations. Mystical backwaters, historical forts, and breathtaking panoramas are the biggest highlights of this destination.
The Great Blue Hole, Belize: If you are looking for an exciting scuba diving experience, the coast of Belize is quite a breathtaking destination. Enjoy a plethora of underwater species and marine waters and fly over Blue Hold for an amazing view.

Amer Fort, India:  This exotic fort has a blend of Indian and Mughal influences.  Made out of sandstone and marble, Amer fort is a photographer’s delight. Watch out for Sheesh Mahal, a room built with glass which is quite amazing to look at. Look for gardens, courtyards, palaces , and halls.

Forest of Knives, Madagascar: It is indeed surprising to see abundant wildlife in the midst of razor sharp vertical mountains. These bizarre pinnacles of limestone and versatile range of birds is another thrilling aspect.

Namje, Nepal: One cannot reach to Namje by road, but the journey is quite challenging.  This Nepalese village can be reached by footpath travel and view Mount Makalu which is the world’s tallest fifth peak.

Taha’a French Polynesia:  Most of the people might have heard of Bora Bora or Tahiti,  Taha’a is the most intimate and exquisite island to look for. Catch up with vanilla plantations, and traditional pearl farm huts.

Porto Heli, Greece:  For the postcard landscape lovers, lush olive groves, pristine bays, and amazing sunsets. The beaches here are subtly calm, and also ideal for sunbathing, frolicking and water sports as well.

Porto Heli, Greece

Pisco Elqui, Chile: Surrounded by Andean mountains, this Chilean village has perfect weather all over the year. For the stargazing lovers, Pisco Elqui is an amazing destination.

Pisco Elqui, Chile

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