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Amazing Apps To Improve Your Business Travel Experience


In this age of technological innovation, I believe that there is hardly anything which technology cannot experiment with. You say it, and there is a chance that there has been some or the other technological innovation with that respect. So, naturally, you can expect that we have good enough technology to make travelling easier and more comfortable.

Mobile Apps are revolutionary. They are accessible from anywhere provided you have an Internet connection. If you are travelling anywhere, your life can become much better if you have a few really awesome Apps which are designed to cater to the needs of a traveller.

In this post, I have shortlisted few Apps which can really help you get better business travelling experiences. So, let us take a look at them, shall we?

These Are The Best Apps For Business Travel, 2019

  1. Google Translate.
    Language barriers are difficult, especially when you are in a country which speaks your native language or English very less or not at all. You cannot become a master of any language in a short span of time and cannot always look up in the guidebook for linguistic phrases. Google Translate offers a convenient solution.
    Google Translate is free to use and offers you a vast database on a range of languages. You can use handwriting, speak words or phrases or provide a pictorial depiction of words and you would know what the meaning is.
    If you want to use the App offline, you can simply download the language pack and use it wherever you want. This feature is, especially, useful when you are travelling abroad and have no data connection.
  2. Google Maps.
    I know you have it in your phone, but there is a chance that you under-appreciate its importance. Google Maps is one of my favourite Apps which I generously use whenever I am travelling, even if it is to a neighbouring city.
    You get everything in one place: traffic status, voice-guided direction, nearby facilities such as restaurants, time taken to reach a place, and what not. What more can you ask from a map? Well, I think if you used Google Maps efficiently, half of your stress would go away in a flash.
  3. Tripit.
    Today, everything gets updated automatically. Last Week when I had booked Avengers Endgame and received an email about the same, my phone’s calendar automatically read it and updated the calendar. So, in short, we are all connected and that is why we expect things to be relatively easier.
    Tripit is one App which aims at providing us with the kind of comfort we are looking for during our travel. It engages in automatic tracking of itineraries and does not require you to manually type down all the details. For example, any booking of a hotel room you make will get automatically updated with the help of this App.
    You can access your itinerary without an Internet connection; all you need to do is to download updates and you are good to go.
  4. Wallet.
    Financial management is most important during travel. While keeping track on every penny may be irritable, but you should know your general expenses so that you can make financial decisions wisely. That is why I recommend you download a money management App—and I recommend that you go for Wallet.
    Wallet is a highly intelligent App and engages in a detailed evaluation of your expenses. You can create budgets under different categories, and the App will remind you whenever you are about to reach the budgetary limit. You can protect the App from outside viewership by locking it with a passcode or fingerprint protection.
  5. Google Trips (Available on iOS and Android).
  6. Visit a City (Available on iOS and Android).
  7. TripAdvisor (Available on iOS and Android).
  8. Roadtrippers (Available on iOS and Android)
  9. Hopper – Watch & Book Cheap Flights.
  10. LoungeBuddy Lounge Access (This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices).
  11. HotelTonight.
  12. Mobile Passport.
  13. Transit: Real-Time Transit App.
  14. AroundMe.
  15. Kayak.

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