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World’s Best Cruise Destinations, 2019

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Traveling in a luxurious cruise is a dream come true for every travel lover in the world. Setting on a brilliant voyage for days where one can see nothing but ocean all over, is a unique experience by itself. Witness just the blue sea as the floor and the pristine sky on the top to rejuvenate yourself until the journey is over.

Cruises also offer some fantastic amenities for the travelers to stay pampered, loved and also experience divine bliss through hospitality and entertainment. Whether a traveler lover or not, every person must experience the cruise journey at least once in their lifetime to get the best out of it. Where will you cruise next?

World’s Best Cruise Destinations, 2019

  1. Mediterranean: Take a cruise to witness the birth of civilization around this region and also experience amazing food options. The beaches of Greek islands, Ancient Rome, bustling cities like Barcelona, Monaco, Venice and Dubrovnik are situated around this region. With an amalgamation of European and North African cultures, it is sure a top cruise destination.
  2. Caribbean: It is usually divided into East and West regions where the former focuses on Mexico and Central American coast while the latter focuses on amazing places like The Virgin Islands, St.Maarten, Curacao, and Bonaire. The Caribbean is the land of calm with laid back crowds and magical sea destinations as well.
  3. Alaska: Cruises around this region begin from Seattle and Vancouver. Visit the epic destinations on the way such as Tracy Arm Fjord, Glacier Bay National Park, Inside Passage and Juneau during the journey. For all the wildlife lovers out there, Alaska offers the best watching which ranges from sea otters, bears, eagles and even exotic snow animals.
  4. Norway: The Norwegian coast offers nothing but a breathtaking sight for the nature lover. The summers bring long days and lush green scenery while the winter brings the dreamy Northern Lights to witness- a once in a lifetime experience for sure. Also, touch the fishing villages and towering fjords during the journey.
  5. Japan: This might come as surprise for cruise lovers but there is a reason why it’s included in the list. Right from mesmerizing crowds of Tokyo to the tranquility of mountain ranges, Japan also offers a wide range of temples and towering skyscrapers to give a unique cruise experience.
  6. The Baltic Sea: Somewhat lesser explored by the popular crowds, Baltic Sea has much more than it meets the eye. Visit the St. Petersburg which is Russia’s cultural capital along with Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki on the way. For the solitude lover, The Baltic Sea offers an enigmatic experience with its inherent calmness.
  7. Danube River: Europe’s most iconic river has the richest history ever. The best river cruise experience awaits at the Danube ranging from Germany’s black forest and the Black sea. Dwell into wholesome historic journey during the visit of the Danube which flows around ten different countries around.

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