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Top 5 Things to Remember While Moving into University Hostel

University Hostel

The university hostel gives a reality check to the survivors away from their home. A student becomes a trained person in real and face hardships along with creating sweet memories outside the protective nutshell.

No guardian but a warden makes you feel protected to an extent, but what you need to conquer is bad company and peer pressure. There is always fun in the boundaries we are provided with but going beyond them is not a good idea.

Before moving into your second home, know these five things for a better and informed experience.

  1. Keeping safe: Stepping out of the house is a concern which is always negative. Safety is a major reason and issue for the students while moving to a university hostel. But, this is not a reason to panic until you take some precautions to protect yourself. We know that the students are incomplete without parties, but how does it compromise your safety? Stay true to BYOB and grab your own drink to the party for safety, and convenience. Another step to remain in safe hands is to keep the contact of the security in charge and the roommates for an emergency. Lastly, download any safety app to feel secured with a click, there is always a location check with these apps.
  2. Packing: Isn’t it sad, leaving all the good stuff behind with memories? Sometimes, our emotional state tells us to pack everything and place it in the hostel room, but that is not possible. The tip here is to pack your things by categorizing them into broad sections. One must carry the electronics, clothing (including seasonal clothes), stationary, kitchen items, bathroom items, laundry material and linen. The medications and hygiene is the foremost thing to pack and in additional, one thing which motivates you to be a hustler. Keep more locks to safeguard the important things and travelling bags. Isn’t it boring without games? Pack a few deck of cards and board games to bond over with your roomie!
  3. Paperwork: A small but important segment of personal packing includes professional and legal original documents. The documents are important because every paperwork is required as the proof of identity. Make sure to keep your passport, university documents and other important cards with you. If you’re going to study abroad, check the requirement for specific documents because college administrators expect you to have your immigration documents ready when you show up. The list of important documents include passport photographs, medical insurance, vaccination history, letter of acceptance by the university, and monetary essentials such as student loan paperwork or bank account information.
  4. Room Essential: It is obvious that it won’t feel like home, but you can make it comfortable and likely to your home. University accommodation is always seen as an uncomfortable scenario, but just like everything else, it has a positive side too! The solutions are to keep a mini heater for your room along with a cute rug for the front door. The doormats give a home-like sense as they are kept in every front door space. University hostel room should always be suitable for studies including appropriate sunlight and ventilation. Adjusting the sunscreen blinds will work wonders if you aren’t a sunlight person. Another tip to feel like heaven is to carry extra pillows and soft blanket along with your photographs and fairy lights. Fake plants along the window will give a sense of freshness with a string of memories and photographs for motivation and optimism.
  5. New lifestyle: Every situation has its own perks and consequences. All we need to do is plan the year well and be positive. Socializing with maximum people isn’t a problem because of the wide exposure you get by increasing your network. Accepting this life can give a boost to your active behavior and alert mind. Looking at the yearly social activities calendar is a must to indulge in the new place. Prioritize the activities which suit you the best and then adjust them with the academic timetable for a perfect balance. We all learnt organization and prioritizing from our mothers and here, you have to keep in mind every word suggested by your parents for your adjustments, academics, health, and safety.

Moving to a hostel will make you responsible and master of your actions. It’s a place to earn fame and respect. Don’t start your hostel life with negativity and fear of new; accept it with confidence and welcome the new you!

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