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When Looking for Security, Consider The Cloud

How can anything floating around in a cloud be secure? It seems counterintuitive, but your business is less experienced with ever-changing security concerns than Cloud service experts who are dedicated to protecting data for their customers. Before you bring more hardware or software in-house, you need to understand how the Cloud can be a viable, safe choice for many tools used in your business.

A Cloud Refresher Course

There’s nothing fluffy about the Cloud, and it’s certainly not in the sky. A detailed explanation can get pretty techy; but, in a nutshell, it provides off-site data storage, which it sends and receives through the Internet to and from your connected devices.

Whether you use a computer, tablet, smart phone, or any other conceivable device, the Cloud allows you to deal with lots of information without requiring you to store it on equipment with limited disk space. In a nutshell, you don’t have to store terabytes of records. Just let the Cloud do it.

The Cloud is For Much More than Data Storage

The Cloud provides more than just a handy place to keep your family photos safe. It is actually a good choice for many business functions, such as the following:

  • Fax transmissions:  If your business is in the health care industry or if you deal with strict government regulations, then you already know the continued relevance of faxing. Nonetheless, you also understand the importance of strict security. Rather than transmitting and receiving paper faxes, Cloud-based online services typically provide more protection. For one thing, your paper transmissions are unlikely to spew out onto your recipient’s floor.
  • Software that follows you anywhere: Particularly if your team is spread out in different offices or works on the road, you need full-featured access to the software your team uses that can be used securely on virtually any device without gobbling up every byte of device storage. For instance, your marketing team can benefit from cloud digital asset management software as it not only saves files, but it provides access to the software that creates those files, while providing the latest versions of any documents, as well.
  • Printing with no printers in sight: You may not have a printer in your car, but the Cloud allows you to print files from virtually anywhere, whether to your personal desktop printer, to any networked office printer, or even to a remote customer’s site. These services (like PrinterOn and Google Cloud Print, for example) typically provide robust security protection to keep jobs safe.
  • Instant off-site backups: No matter how many backups you perform, data loss from a major weather emergency is almost guaranteed if you don’t get those backups out of your workplace. Cloud backup services can protect your data by keeping it far from the office, or even in multiple remote locations.

Choosing the Right Cloud Service is Essential to Superior Security

Naturally, you want your service provider to offer good functionality and ease of use. But, don’t forget that the Cloud is extremely attractive to hackers. Rather than choosing the latest-and-greatest services provided by a startup company, do plenty of research to make sure that your data will be encrypted and quickly protected against every possible security threat. It never hurts to choose a well-known provider.

While the Cloud can’t absolutely guarantee perfect security, carefully-selected providers can do a better job to keep your information safer than you can do it in house.

Leave Security in the Hands of Experts

As a CEO, you have to be an expert in many things, but data security is not typically one of them. The Cloud may be the perfect solution for bridging the security knowledge gap while gaining advanced functionality.

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Boris Dzhingarov
Boris Dzhingarov, founder of Cryptoext, graduated from the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Bachelor's degree in marketing.