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6 Tips For Balancing Part-Time Job and College Life Effectively

It is tough being a college student, especially when you are far from home and have no one to take care of you. Even if you had, you might want to tend to your needs on your own because there is a point of time when we feel like we shouldn’t rely too much on everyone.

College life is an amalgamation of everything you can imagine doing in your young adulthood. It is fun, yes, but may also become highly burdensome particularly when you have to take care of your financial needs as well as academic needs.

Part-time jobs are popular because they are relatively flexible, but they can still be tough on your studies.

So, how do you handle both without undermining either? I have 6 tips which might help you balance these two.

  1. Make A Schedule: Yes, I know you might have heard of this tip like a zillion times, but trust me, it is actually effective provided you take it seriously. We have to have a schedule to ascertain how much time we can spend on work and in college—and while you might undermine its relevance as anything which can never be accomplished, there are many who have done it and succeeded. So, instead of making an excuse, sit down with a piece of paper or an App and start making a schedule. I will not advise you on what to and not to include, but I have one thing to say: do not be unrealistic. Make a schedule which is flexible and does not kill you.
  2. Choose The Right Place To Work: If you want to save time, you should try finding a workplace closer to your college or residence. This way you will prevent waste of time in commute and can invest that time in studying. You should also consider the timings of the work. If you are not a night-owl or are uncomfortable working at night, do not go for workplaces which have night shifts. Also, talk to the manager of the place to ascertain his nature and whether he can give you some slack due to your occupation as a student.
  3. Learn To Prioritise: Even with a perfect schedule, things may turn out imperfectly. Every day will be different, and you cannot anticipate all the changes in your schedule so you should know what to prioritize over what. It might seem tempting to multi-task, but you should avoid it unless you are absolutely sure that it can be practically pulled off.
  4. Seek Help Whenever Neede: You cannot always do it all by yourself. Many hesitate in asking for help at work and college, and this can be really troublesome. If you have trouble managing your part-time job because of any deadline at college, you can ask your co-worker, friend or relative to cover up for you. Also, you should communicate your issues freely and fearlessly to your manager so that he is aware of your circumstances. This will certainly save you from all the stress you were willing to take just because of hesitation.
  5. Take Breaks Because You Are A Huma: It is tough being a part-timer and a college student, but that does not mean you should completely sacrifice all the luxuries of life. You can and should take breaks every now and then so that you are able to refresh yourself. If you think that the more you work and study the better outcomes are produced, then you cannot be farther from the truth. Not allowing your body and mind to rest will reflect badly on the quality of work you produce, whether at work or college. So, while it may seem like a task you find a waste of time, but take breaks!
  6. Stay Health: Busy? Yes, you are but that does not excuse you from not taking care of your health. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated all the time and consume healthy food. If you are running short on time, ensure that you carry along fruits or energy bars to keep yourself energized.

Also, part-time jobs often increase the likelihood of you eating out with friends and indulging in junk food. It is highly advised that you avoid eating too much junk because, as everyone knows, it is unhealthy!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - 6 Tips For Balancing Part-Time Job and College Life Effectively
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