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7 Unique Wine Tasting Experiences

Whether being a food connoisseur is one of your many talents, or simply a passion for the finer tastes in life, wine tasting would not be an alien thought or concept for you. And being a CEO, it
would be inevitable that you would have already checked off many of elite wine tasting events around the world.

It certainly helps compound your idea of living life to the fullest, and of course, becomes a talking point and a privilege to be invited for a wine tasting event especially given the fact that your love affair for good food and the good life is well known. This article then, shows you the best unique wine tasting experiences in the world.

  1. Wine Tasting in a submarine (San Francisco, California, United States): In San Francisco you will find a treasure island that is actually home to a WWII naval base, and because of that, there is no dearth of disused marine vehicles. One of them, in particular, is a submarine which now houses a very unique wine tasting event. So if you are a WWII enthusiast with a penchant for Italian wine, look no further. Sottomarino Winery – the winery, housed in an original World War II submarine-like training vessel – an authentic urban winery, tasting room and event venue located on San Francisco’s historic Treasure Island.
  2. Amalfi Coast (Italy): Nature, magical sunsets, hikes, landscapes and fine wine. Thats Amalfi Coast summed up for you. Italy is well known for its beautiful vistas, culture and amazing food, and Amalfi Coast is that perfect amalgamation. The place you’ll stay would be filled with vineyards and some breathtaking treks. Its the best of both worlds. Talking about stay, it will be a a 16th century monastery. What are you waiting for?

  3. Wine tasting with a rendezvous with sharks (Cape Town, South Africa): How about spending some time underwater with some of the most magnificent and savage creatures on Earth and then topping it off with some fine wine tasting of South Africa’s absolute best? You’ll create your appetite by taking part in exciting activities of swimming with the sharks, cave exploration and the works, and when you’re done, you’ll be escorted to some of the best vineyards South Africa has to offer for a delectable experience. Reach out to Africa Adventures Consultants to plan it all out.

  4. Wine and chocolate (Australia): Australia used to be a colonial settlement for many of the European nations, and even today, there are settlements that have stood the test of time. Of particular note is the German settlement, which is a paradise for people who love chocolates and wine. There is the Hahndorf Hill Winery that offers you the ChocoVino experience, pairing gourmet chocolate with boutique and alternative fine wine. Irresistible!

  5. Vinotherapy and a bike ride (Umbria, Italy): Ever fancied riding through surreal and peaceful medieval towns, olive gardens and then heading to a nice hotel where they have a special spa that treats your body with wine? Vinotherapy may not have that mass appeal but it is an experience that is definitely worth taking, especially if you have gone through Italy’s beautiful, laid back country roads on a bicycle.

  6. Wine Marathon (Bordeaux, France): Fitness in the modern world is paramount. Health concerns are on the rise. But that doesnt mean that you cant have a good time. Run a marathon along the best vineyards in France, and while you’re at it, taste the fresh wine brewed in the countryside when you stop for a moment of repose. For that matter, it is a 26 mile marathon and close to 60 vineyards along the way that is certainly not a small number. But it helps if you feed the connoisseur in you’re at it.

  7. Wine and chili tasting (Mesilla Valley, New Mexico, United States): Of course, you have tasted wine and chili before, but not like the experience you’ll get in New Mexico’s Mesilla’s Valley. You will find the Chile Pepper Institute, which for the uninitiated is the only institution of it’s kind that does research on red hot chili peppers (pun unintended). You get private tasting events as well as organized ones. Of particular note is the Hatch Chile Festival, which occurs on Labor day. It celebrates the green chili harvest and along with the wine that is an integral part of this colorful country, you can be sure it will be an experience.

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