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Style Inspiration From Some Of The World’s Wealthiest People

The rich business people of the world not only inspire us in career, work and living live stylishly, but also in terms of grooming, choice of clothing and appearance.

As they say the first impression comes from best-dressed millionaires, it actually involves a lot of effort and creativity to do so. Some of the millionaires also try out setting new trends of fashion.  Following such millionaires for style inspiration actually gives new ideas for budding business people to dress their best way possible.

Here are some of the biggest style inspirations from some of the world’s wealthiest people:

  1. The Olsen Twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen): These power duo twins are noticed not just for their cash registers but also their tremendous fashion sense. They love to experiment on bold colors and new looks for every public appearance they make. Don’t miss out their Instagram feed for great style inspiration.
    Net Worth: $400 Million
  2. Donald Trump: The president of USA has the glitzy background and it shows up in his fashion sense too. His tailor-made suits are a delight to watch and relish. Watch out for red neck-tie inspiration which looks tad classy for every businessman up for the next meeting! Irrespective of the brand, this dynamic personality holds the outfit with tremendous brilliance.
    Net Worth: $3.2 Billion
  3. Oprah Winfrey:  This dynamic host, author, and businesswoman has proved that a woman needn’t dress glitzy to look good. She opts for mellowed clothing which is quite appealing to look at. She doesn’t overdo her grooming and that’s why she earned many fans all around the globe.
    Net Worth: $3.2 Billion
  4. Brad Pitt:  The handsome hunk is not only known for looks but also for his style off-screen. He can carry the simplest of outfit to a macho outfit with the same grace and poise.  This majestic gentleman dresses to kill people with his dashing looks!
    Net Worth: $300 Million
  5. David Beckham: Out of all the richest stylish athletes in the world, Beckham occupies a timeless space. His chic hairdo compliments perfectly with his clothing and impeccable style.  His Porsche Turbo is another amazing style statement to his overall look.
    Net Worth: $450 Million
  6. Tom Cruise:  This ever young Hollywood actor is not just known for his fitness, looks but also for his master stroke style in public appearances. His cute smile adds to the impeccable clothing choices and brand ideas as well.
    Net Worth: $570 Million
  7. Johnny Depp: The most handsome actor of Hollywood doesn’t just experiment with roles but also in styles. He comes up with quirky hairdos with funky accessories to match it with the look. His choice of goggles for every occasion is another icing on the cake!
    Net Worth: $200 Million

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