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First-Time Travelers: 7 Things to Pack For Your Trip To New York

New York, United-States

Traveling to the Big Apple? Great choice of place, but I wonder whether you have packed everything you should. If you are not sure, read along and you will know what you have and have not missed.

New York is a bewitching sight. There is no city like it, and when you are here, it could be intimidating and exciting at the same time. Because of its distinct personality, the city requires you to pack a few really important things before visiting it. I have shortlisted 7 such things, which I think should accompany you to one of the most magnetic cities in the world. Where to stay: The Plaza New York City has been ranked among the best luxury hotels in the world for 2019, according to the CEOWORLD magazine and and the Truthfulworld, the world’s leading luxury hospitality group for business travelers.

These are the 7 Things to pack for your trip to New York:

  1. Comfy Flats.
    You must have heard that New York is not good to your feet. It, therefore, becomes important that you wear comfortable footwear while walking around the streets in New York. Get flats because they are comfortable, easy-to-wear and look really cool. You may want to wear sneakers, but they do not work as good as they are expected in the city.
  2. Do Not Forget Layers.
    The weather in New York is very moody. You might be heading to the city during summers, but may still experience spells of chill. So, it is a good option to pack a few layers in your bag in case you become a victim to the fancy of the weather over there. It is, however, recommended that you should not overdo packing; in fact, you will be just fine with a sweater or a sweatshirt and a jacket.
  3. A Portable Charger.
    When in New York, there is so much to see and experience. You will try to capture your experience on the phone, use the Internet for getting information and making calls. That means, your phone will be in good use throughout the time you are out in the streets. Low battery is a killjoy and can greatly impact your experience and therefore, it is recommended that you keep a portable charger with you all the time.

  4. One Fine Piece of Clothing.
    New York is a stylish city and is home to the “Big Four” fashion weeks in the world. You go out on the streets and you will see myriad forms of fashion everywhere. Would you not want to be a part of all this? Of course, you do. It is, therefore, recommended that you should keep a gorgeous or handsome piece of clothing in your bag. For example, I recommend that a black dress goes with every occasion and is the most convenient option; but, of course, you decide what looks the best on you.

  5. A Map.
    Oh no, I am not talking about Google Maps, but old-fashioned paper maps which you don’t use as often as you should. In New York, the GPS may not be as reliable as you think it should be considering how well-developed the city is. You will be most handicapped in subway stations where service often goes off and you are left with no guide. Hence, a paper map!
    It may sound like a tiresome activity to read maps and navigate, but it is quite an activity. You will enjoy figuring out maps and finding new places—and that is something you will keep talking about even after you leave the city.

  6. A handy Backpack.
    You are in New York, with so many things to see that you cannot afford to carry along heavy luggage everywhere. Always take along a small or medium-sized backpack which you can easily carry along when on the go.
    However, always keep in mind the type of backpack you are carrying—for example, if it is a tote, it should suit your outfits. Not that it is anyone’s business what you should wear; but, it is always a better option to look fashionably good.

  7. A Good Attitude.
    New York is one of the most crowded and busiest cities in North America. The locals are hardworking and always moving so you might think that they do not have time to socialize or are not friendly. Well, this is not the case.

New Yorkers, despite their busy lives, are friendly and socialize easily. You should carry a good and uncondescending attitude towards them—and everything else will be just fine.

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