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6 Things You Must Never Do When In Hawaii

Every country comes with its own set of do’s and don’ts. If you are traveling to any foreign destination, you must consider these very seriously. Many don’t, and they end up in really awkward situations. Moreover, people pay much of their attention to what they should do during travel rather than what they MUST NOT do. In this article, my focus is on the latter.

When I was thinking about which place I should write about in this regard, I wanted a place which is mainstream but has its set of don’ts which are usually overlooked because of its popularity. Where to stay: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai has been ranked among the best luxury hotels in the world for 2019, according to the CEOWORLD magazine and and the Truthfulworld, the world’s leading luxury hospitality group for business travelers.

Hawaii was the first place to come to my mind—and here we are with 6 things you must not do in Hawaii.

  1. Ignoring Car Rentals.
    Hawaii is not just about beachside views. It has volcanoes, valleys and beautiful waterfalls to see. Naturally, you will be traveling a lot during your stay unless your object is to book a beachside resort and relax there until the very end. Car rentals are, therefore, to be taken very seriously.
    There are many car rental companies operating in Hawaii, but they come with their own packages and restrictions. Their pricing policy may differ considerably, and therefore, it is strongly suggested that you compare pricing policies of car rentals you are considering before you decide on anyone.
  2. Think That Traffic Is No Problem In Hawaii.
    Yes, Hawaii has beautiful roads, but the traffic over there can be so intense at times that you would hardly care about their beauty. You ask anyone who has been to Hawaii, and they will most likely advise you against traffic.
    It is advised that your itinerary should be prepared in such a manner that it includes the average time that may end up getting spent in slow-moving traffic here.
  3. Good Weather All The Time.
    There is denying that the Hawaiian climate is moderate. But, this does not mean that the weather here is not whimsical. In fact, Hawaii is vulnerable to numerous weather conditions such as rock falls, tsunamis and even flash floods.  So, while you can enjoy the weather as much as you like, do not expect it to treat you nicely all the time.
  4. Eating Out All the Time.
    When we travel, we get this urge to eat out all the time; to taste the local flavors and try out high-end, authentic places to eat. But, in Hawaii, hold your horses.
    It is not a good idea to eat out all the time because Hawaii is expensive and so are its restaurants. Of course, you can eat at local shops but then you have to have proper food—and you cannot always have it there.
    It is recommended that you hit the nearest grocery store, get bread, cereals, and jam (or anything else of your choice) and save money for breakfast at least. While going out, you might want to prepare a quick sandwich to feed your tummy and divert your attention from eating out.
  5. Hike Wherever You Want.
    Hawaii offers a huge range of hiking opportunities, but this does not mean you can hike wherever you want. It is true that you are in paradise, but this paradise is restricted too. So, yes, there are hikes but quite a few of them are heavily restricted or prohibited.
    There are hikes which require a permit such as Kalalau Trail, which is said to be one of the most dangerous hikes in Hawaii, or Stairway to Heaven. Also, while hiking anywhere, you cannot change routes simply because you want to. People have died as a result these actions—and you certainly would not want to add yourself to that list, would you?
  6. Sunscreens are not important.
    Believe me, when I say this, Hawaii is known for causing dangerous sunburns. There is a geographical explanation that it is close to equator and sunlight falls directly onto it. If you go out not wearing sunscreen, there is nearly a cent percent chance that you will get sunburnt.

Of all the places you are visiting in Hawaii, make sure you wear sunscreen on beaches. Sand reflects 25 percent of the sunlight it receives, making beachgoers more vulnerable to sunburns.

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