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Best Scuba Diving Destinations in The World

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of those enthralling adventurous sport which brings up the adrenaline rush and offers an amazing thrill. It is also considered to be quite challenging and dangerous and should be done at places which offer the security as well as the freedom to explore.

Apart from good equipment which the person must have, less dangerous scuba diving paths are important to have an enriching experience.

Facilities and rescue operations are a must for this activity. Here are some of the best scuba-diving destinations in the world which every adventurous traveler must pay a visit to:

  1. Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Malaysia: Want to witness amazing sharks over the coral walls? Barracuda offers you exactly the same and also brings stunning water currents to challenge your scuba diving skills. Witness turtles, white tips, parrotfish and also barracuda on which it is named after.
  2. Blue Corner Palau, Micronesia:  Encounter sharks, eagle rays, barracuda, snappers and jacks while exploring this breathtaking scuba diving destination.  Some other attractions include mantis shrimps, nudibranchs, thick coral with morays for a mesmerizing visual experience.

  3. Yongala Dive, Ayr, Queensland, Australia:  The shipwreck near the coast of Queensland is a marvelous experience. Explore sea turtles, snakes, octopuses, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and enthralling coral view.  This area has been given special protection after the sinking during a cyclone in 1911 killing nearly 122 people.  For a bit of ship history and scuba diving experience- Yongala is the perfect place to visit!

  4. Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea:  This mesmerizing destination cannot be experienced fully with just one dive. Indulge in multiple dives to witness the thrilling currents.  The surface is rich on corals and even this destination has a bit of history to it. The British vessel Thistlegorm was attacked by an air strike and sunk during the year 1941. Scuba diving at this place is definitely not the faint hearted but for the brave souls who love adventure!

  5. Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii, Kailua-Kona, Island of Hawaii: Want to give the nighttime experience of scuba diving? This destination has underwater lights placed to witness beautiful manta rays of Kona Hawaii. With the rays getting tantalizingly close to you, diving away from them keeps you safer! The most beautiful animals of the world can be encountered at this magical destination.

  6. Great Blue Hole (Lighthouse Reef Atoll), Belize:  For a deep, wide and indulgent scuba diving experience Great Blue Hole is the must visit the place. Watch the widest range of tuna fish and also see the octopuses.  Descend 25 meters down ways to see stalagmites and stalagmites of ancient caverns.  The blue waters in the midst of powerful currents is indeed a beautiful scuba diving activity!

  7. USAT Liberty, Bali, Indonesia:  For all the aspiring photographers, USAT Liberty offers a fantastic scuba diving experience. Beautiful purple scorpion Leaf Fish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish and witness larger fish at Great Barracuda and  Flapnose Ray.  Wreck scuba diving gets a new meaning at this place to witness fabulous sea life.

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