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Style 2019: Choice Of Bags As Per The Occasion

A bag is an integral part of your outfit. Once you have chosen the appropriate outfit for the occasion, one question remains: Which bag would go best with the rest of your outfit and also suit the occasion?

To help you answer this question, we have listed various bags and the occasions for which they are most appropriate.

Tote bags

Tote, meaning “to carry”, are big long-lasting bags which can be used to carry numerous objects at a time. The main feature of this bag is the open and roomy interior. This makes tote bags ideal for shopping and for other occasions where you need a bag with high capacity. They are spacious enough to be used as laptop bags.

Since they come in many sizes and materials, tote bags can also be used to make a classy style statement. Their versatility makes Tote bags an appropriate choice for most occasions.


These bags are the best to use for your body as they evenly distribute the weight on your body. This is one advantage it has over cross-body or messenger bags. They also free up your hands so that you can do something more important than just holding onto your bag.

In addition to having a capacity like that of Tote bags, Backpacks can be used to keep all your stuff organized as well, thanks to the provision of many pockets. For someone who goes to the gym directly before or after office, one could keep all the gym gear in one pocket and office equipment like a laptop in another pocket. These bags also come in handy on short trips and hikes.

Known more for the function they offer, Backpacks also raise the style quotient as they are easily available in a variety of colors, textures, and materials. This simple, sturdy, stylish and multipurpose bag must surely be among your possessions.

Bucket Bags

Characterized by a flat bottom, Bucket bags can be thought of as a smaller, tidier and chicer version of a tote bag. These bags, just like tote bags, have a spacious interior.

A zipped pocket on the inside and a drawstring closure differentiate it from a tote bag. The zipped pocket can come in handy while holding important necessities like IDs and keys. The drawstring closure makes sure you don’t spill the contents, while also maintaining the ease of putting in or removing stuff from the bag.

Also, whether you are commuting or at a party, you are far less likely to knock someone over with a bucket bag than you are with a brimming tote bag. This bag would be a good choice as an everyday bag.

Sling bag

Sling bags are ideal to carry daily essentials, without having to rely on your pockets. As per your convenience, you can wear these over your shoulder or around your waist. It has always been popular among streetwear enthusiasts.

These bags are even more commute-friendly than backpacks, thanks to their small size. They look good with flowing dresses and long skirts. Also, in hot days sling bags will save you from having a sweaty back, which usually happens when you carry a backpack. These bags are perfect if you do not have much to carry.

Clutch bags

These minuscule and dainty bags are known for not having any handles. They are extremely popular because the Women of the Royal family almost always carry one with them.

The Minaudiere is similar to clutch bags except for a couple of differences. Clutch bag resembles an envelope, whereas a Minaudiere is more like a rectangular tin box. Also, the Minaudiere is generally considered a jewelry piece. Thus, Mainaudieres are suited for formal affairs like weddings, cocktail parties, and red carpet events. The other clutch bags are suitable for more humble settings.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Style 2019: Choice Of Bags As Per The Occasion
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