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Quick Tips: Offbeat Career Options To Consider In 2018

Are you a college student who would like to have an uncommon career and live a fulfilling life? Are you someone who’s tired of the typical 9-to-5 and wants to add spice to your career? Whatever the reason, we have compiled a list of offbeat career options which you may want to pursue full-time or along with your ongoing job.


Thanks to the constantly increasing popularity of DJs in weddings, corporate parties, and nightclubs, the demand for DJs has only increased. Contrary to common misconception, DJs do a lot more than just mixing tracks live for the audience.

Some DJs depend solely on their mastery of physical mixing equipment, while others work only in the digital platform. A good DJ is experienced in both.

The music you like may not necessarily be liked by the audience for whom you’re mixing. Thus, DJs need to have an understanding of music theory and need to discuss with the organizers about the kind of music that should be played.

There is no need for formal education to become a professional DJ. However, having an understanding of audio and sound engineering will help you become a better DJ. DJs mostly work as freelancers or on a contract basis.

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E-sports professional

Though there are instances of Professional Gamers rake in millions by the age of 30 and retire early, this is true only for a few of the top players. Most of the gamers make below average income.

However, having a career in e-sports does not necessarily mean you need to make it only as a gamer. There are a variety of positions available in the e-sports industry: Event Management, Host, PR, Referee, and Broadcast crew to name a few.

Look up the various positions available in the industry and get started with the kind of position you feel you will do well in. As you start getting more events/gaming festivals under your belt, your income will also increase.

Social Media Influencer

The thing about Social Media Influencers is, initially they have to start promoting stuff without expecting anything in return. If you do your job well enough, you will have a good amount of followers. Once this happens, proposals from potential clients will start pouring in.

It is quite easy to get lost in the noise on the internet. You need to have your own unique voice in order to set you apart from the crowd.

Tattoo artist

The demand for tattoos has been increasing, so has been the need for tattoo artists. A tattoo artist needs to be good at drawing. For obvious reasons, a tattoo artist must be creative, patient and must have good communication skills.

Though there is no need for formal education, you need to be at least 18 years old. In most states, getting a license is mandatory if you wish to practice your art professionally. It is best you make connections in the industry by visiting tattoo shops, getting your own tattoo, and attending conferences and workshops. It is recommended to have an apprenticeship under your belt.


As misleading as it sounds, a professional taster is not someone who lives to eat. It takes a lot of training to become a professional taster. Employers look for individuals who have a superb sense of taste. One can build on from her and continue training and developing one’s palate to lead a successful career.

Pet Groomer

Your love for animals is also a bankable skill! Most of the times, one will be looking forward to keeping the client’s cats and dogs happy. Though formal education is not needed, one needs to have the knowledge of implementing basic health checks, identifying problems if any and solutions to these problems.

This career rewards you with an average pay which is why it is best you pursue it complementary to a full-time job.

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