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The clothes you wear are not just meant to keep you covered. They are a part of you. Whether you are headed to an interview or a date, your outfits say a lot about you. Keeping up with the latest trends also is an indicator of how seriously you take your appearance. We have made a list of Fashion trends that for you to follow in 2019.

Tie Dye

This fashion trend was first seen in the 1960s and had gone extinct for quite a while. After various celebrities were spotted wearing tie-dyed outfits, it was back in business.  The reborn version of this trend has more vibrant and brighter tones, thus gaining rapid popularity. This breath of fresh air is a welcome addition to any wardrobe, especially in spring.

Light Wash Denim

Denim was, is and will always be in fashion. However, there is always space to experiment with denim. Stonewashed Jeans were trending once. So were acid-washed jeans. Last year, plain dark jeans were making a buzz. This year, it is Light Wash Denims.

Evenly faded jeans do make a great alternative for Chinos (another fashion statement that stood out in 2018). When worn with bright shirts/T-shirts, the combination looks more pleasant as compared to the high contrast created by dark denim. They are ideal to wear in hot conditions as their light tone reflects light rather than absorbing it. Such versatility ensures its position as a must-have in your wardrobe!

Brown Color Palette

Black and Navy have traditionally been the go-to colors as far as men’s suits are concerned. However, hidden in plain sight was a milder alternative in Brown? We have admired this color because watches, belts and, wallets have always looked good in brown. However, the flexibility of this color has finally been recognized and it is here to stay.

Double-breasted suit

A double-breasted suit is a perfect outfit for formal and business events. Two wide set lapels make the wearer’s chest look bigger. As with any suit, the shoulder pads make your shoulders look broader. The six by two button design on the two panels of the suit complete the neat look. Wearing this outfit makes sure you appear more assertive and that you are not outdone in case any negotiations take place.

Flat caps

Celebrities have always been sporting the flat cap. However, it has come into the limelight thanks to the increasing popularity of British drama series, Peaky Blinders. David Beckham has regularly been spotted wearing it and Samuel L. Jackson has carried it well in the past. Furthermore, its versatility is evident from the fact that it goes well with casuals, formals as well as smart casuals. Does this trademark headwear have a place in your wardrobe?

Cuban Collar shirts

Just like the flat caps, Cuban Collar shirts owe their popularity to a Television series. Very frequently seen in Narcos, they are ideally worn in regions with a hot climate. This is why they mostly come in light fabrics like cotton and linen and are characterized by short sleeves.

They go well with jeans, chinos as well as a pair of tailored shorts. Whatever you pair it with, make sure the shirt is the showstopper of the outfit. Men with narrow shoulders should definitely have one of these in their closet, as they make your shoulders look broader.

Sling Bag

Known by many names like waist-bags and cross-body bags, sling bags are gaining popularity among streetwear enthusiasts.

You should surely have one of these on you if you tend to have your pockets full. Full pockets make you look fatter than you actually are. Thus, it is best you shift a load of your pockets into a sling bag and look your best self!

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