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5 Myths About Family Travel That Are Stopping You From Having Great Fun

Family travel? The very thought of it can make people sweat—sweat over multiple responsibilities which come at you, especially if you are the organiser of the trip. It is true that family travel requires relatively more attention than solo or duo trip, and this makes many people back out from it.

While I understand the apprehensiveness which many people share towards family travel, I believe that many times it is misplaced or exaggerated. Family travel can be smartly and effectively organised provided you keep in mind a few really important things. However, most importantly, your planning will go smoothly if you stopped believing a few nonsensical myths.

In this article, I will tell you about 5 myths about family travel which come in our way of complete enjoyment and give unwanted stress.

  1. Traveling with kids makes things difficult.
    Honestly, traveling with kids add responsibilities on your shoulders, but labelling it as difficult is inappropriate. When you are with kids, you have to take care of them, including their shenanigans. Yes, it can be bothersome, but certainly manageable provided you keep a few things in mind.
    Plan ahead of what your kid may require and include situations of emergencies. Most of the time, family travel becomes unmanageable because of kids getting lost or falling sick. It is your responsibility—whether you like it or not—to ensure that neither happens.
    You can avail many options to ensure that neither things happen. For example, give your kids a cellphone while you are traveling (in case they do not have one), or give them training as to who to contact when lost, etc. Always keep a first-aid box and ensure that you have prescriptions which your kid had or has been given.
  2. There is so much to pack.
    It is true that family travel requires extra baggage, but the myth starts when you start believing that family travel ONLY requires extra baggage. You do not have to be on a family trip to have an extra load on you—some times, even solo travel can add bags.
    Yes, there is a lot to pack, but you have the option to pack wisely. The best way to minimise disorganised packing is to divide bags among traveling members. In simple words, get each one of the traveling companions a bag exclusively for them unless you have a humungous bag which can fit in all the items. Get your young ones mini trolley bags to drag along, and this will save you from putting in extra efforts.
    Also, many times people overreact in family size packing. They consider all the things important when they are not. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you have thought it through.
  3. Family Travel is expensive.
    If you have kids along, of course, the travel will be expensive. But, you need not categorise it as superbly or unmanageably expensive. Family traveling requires you to think about ways you can reduce expenses—and there are plenty so do not panic.
    In many countries, public transport does not require tickets for kids below a certain age. You can even find discounts in recreational facilities such as amusement parks if you have kids with you. Even on flights, infants usually fly free.
    You know where I am getting at—instead of fretting about the costs, try figuring out ways to reduce them. Family travel is an amazing opportunity to know your family better and develop stronger bonds. You can get all of this with the help of smart planning.
  4. There will be a mishap.
    Let me ask you this: when can you guarantee that mishaps won’t happen while traveling? Admit or not, even if you have a full-fledged plan covering all aspects of your travel, you can never be sure when a tragedy or mishap will happen.
    Yes, family travel can aggravate a situation much easily but that does not mean that, say, you are traveling alone and nothing will happen. In fact, if anything happens during family travel, you have your kin and kith alongside to support each other. This is, especially, helpful during international travel.
  5. Kids won’t remember.
    You can never be too sure. Yes, I agree that young age may cause kids to forget many details, but that does not mean they will forget the experience altogether. My nephew still remembers many incidents from his trip to Thailand which he visited at the age of 5.

In fact, taking kids along can help them learn the ability to adjust to alien environments. The more exposure to alien environments, the better they will learn to handle them. Moreover, you will be learning the same things (believe it or not), and this way the entire family will become smarter.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - 5 Myths About Family Travel That Are Stopping You From Having Great Fun
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