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Makeup Hacks You Should Know

Many people think that you need to be a pro for applying the make-up correctly, but in reality, it’s not so. You just need to know a few tricks that ease applying your make-up gently and nearly perfect. Can You Guess How Much a Woman Spends on Makeup?

The average woman are spending an average amount of $43 every time they go on a shopping trip for makeup, according to Colleen Kratofil, style writer-reporter at People magazine. A woman spends $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime. Out of that money, $3,770 is spent on mascara, $2,750 is allotted to eyeshadows, $1,780 is dedicated to new lipsticks

Below is a comprehensive list of make-up hacks that will definitely be going to help you out:-

Use Spoon As A Life-Saver:

Take the rounded portion of a spoon and place it below the lower eyelashes while applying mascara over it and above the upper ones while beautifying the same. This way you won’t spoil the rest of your eye make-up.

Lipstick On Your Teeth? Naa! No More:

I guess it’s the only point every girl dislikes about lipstick. Are you also infuriated of your lipstick that sticks on your teeth? If yes, then I have a solution to it. Apply your lipstick, put your finger in your mouth (you can also place a small piece of cotton cloth) and then close your lips. The excess lipstick will stick to your finger or cloth, as the case may be.

Get Rid Of Your Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles:

Use concealer as a weapon in this case. Apply it in a triangular shape with your lash line as its base and the bottom of your cheek as its tip. This will definitely reduce the puffiness of your eyes and make you glow all the way more.

Get The Perfect Pout:

It’s an age-old hack to get the perfect lip shape. Draw an ‘X’ with those two tips of upper lip by the lip liner of the same shade as your lipstick and outline your lips. Now apply your lipstick and you will look no lesser than perfect.

DIY Lip Gloss:

Got your eye shadows broken? Do you know you can reuse it in a different way? Instead of throwing it away, crush it into powder to turn it into a lip gloss. Now mix it with petroleum jelly to get the desired shade.

For Long Lasting Lipstick:

This one is to make your regular lipstick last longer. Just put on a coat of your regular lipstick. Place a tissue across your lips and dust a little powder on it. This will give the lipstick a matte effect.

Eyelash Application Made Easy:

Need to use false eyelashes but applying glue on it is bothersome for you? Not anymore. You can use bobby pins or safety pins to apply glue on the eyelashes. Dip the tip of a bobby pin or rounded part of the safety pin in glue and spread it over the eyelashes.

For That Perfect Cat Eye Look:

You just need a spoon for getting that picture perfect eyeliner. Keep the handle of the spoon slanting at the outer tip of your eyelid and start applying the eyeliner. Now press the rounded part of the spoon against your eyelid and move the spoon outwards and apply liner accordingly.

Correct Application Of Perfume:

To smell for longer, you need not spray half the bottle of perfume at once, but you just have to apply at your pulse points, i.e., behind your ear, inside your wrist and elbow, behind your knees and at the base of the throat. This way, the aroma of your perfume will last longer.

Change Your Way Of Applying Mascara:

If you are applying mascara upwards, try sweeping it downwards. I’m sure, this will make your eyelashes look fuller and eyes bigger. Do try it next time. ☺

The One For Your Glitter Nail Polish:

Glitter nail polishes always make your nails look gorgeous but removing it is equally vexing. We have a quick remedy to it. Instead of applying the base coat of your nail polish, use white glue. Then coat with your picked glitter polish. When you want to remove it, just peel it right off. So easy it is, isn’t it?

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