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These Are The Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages And Brands In Canada, 2019


As of April 2019, Justin Bieber’s Facebook page had the highest audience of approximately 77.21 million fans. Avril Lavigne ranked second with close to 49.38 million Facebook fans, followed by Drake (35.29 million), Sunny Leone (23.76 million), and Céline Dion (23.13 million).

Overall, among the top 10 most popular pages from Facebook in Canada, the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth positions are held by Cutepolish, Avenged Sevenfold, Cheech and Chong, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Joy Edwards.

Top 10 most popular pages from Facebook in Canada, 2019:

  1. Justin Bieber: 77.21 million
  2. Avril Lavigne: 49.38 million
  3. Drake: 35.29 million
  4. Sunny Leone: 23.76 million
  5. Celine Dion: 23.13 million
  6. Cutepolish: 17.73 million
  7. Avenged Sevenfold: 16.69 million
  8. Cheech and Chong: 12.82 million
  9. Carly Rae Jepsen: 11.8 million
  10. Joy Edwards: 11.48 million

Similarly, the data below shows the top 10 brands on Facebook in Canada as of April 2019. In the measured period Woodland ranked firstr with almost 3.15 million Facebook fans, followed by with 2.42 million fans; Live in Canada (2.4 million), and Tim Hortons (2.4 million).

Here are the top 10 brands on Facebook in Canada, 2019:

  1. Woodland: 3.15 million
  2. – Campbell Cohen Canadian Immigration Law Firm: 2.42 million
  3. Live in Canada: 2.4 million
  4. Tim Hortons: 2.4 million
  5. e.l.f. Cosmetics: 2.3 million
  6. Tanger Outlets: 1.81 million
  7. Pantene North America: 1.5 million
  8. Air Canada: 1.38 million
  9. Bridgestone Tires: 1.36 million
  10. G Adventures: 1.36 million

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