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Do You Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Been in a car accident? Slip and fell at a local business? Or maybe you injured yourself while on the job?

All of these situations can certainly cause anyone undue stress –– especially if they have mounting medical bills (as a result), are out of work due to the injury, and/or have to worry about how they will take care of their families. Also, a person who suffered these accidents would qualify for personal injury claims –– but do you need a personal injury lawyer to accomplish this?

While we strongly recommend securing a personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale, no matter the situation, there are certainly some circumstances where one could go without. Let’s take a look.

When You Should Have a Lawyer

Obviously, there are some situations where a person would not require a lawyer (i.e., when there are no injuries involved, for example). However, there are others where having a personal injury lawyer involved greatly benefits the wronged party.

Some circumstances that would warrant the involvement of an experienced personal injury lawyer would be:

  • If you suffered severe injuries.
  • If the insurance company is being difficult or refuses to pay.
  • Your injuries are long-term or have permanently disabled you.
  • If liability is uncertain or there are many parties involved.

Benefits of Hiring a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

If any of the above situations (found in the previous section) apply to you, then, of course, it would greatly benefit you to have a personal injury attorney at your disposal. They will certainly go above and beyond to fight for your rights and will negotiate fair terms with either the responsible parties, insurance companies, or both. If you are receiving unfair settlement offers, then a personal injury lawyer can negotiate for a fairer amount.

What You Should Expect From Your Lawyer

A personal injury attorney worth his salt will help take the burden of the legal process off of your shoulders and do much of the investigating for you. They will listen to your side of the story, give you honest options, and navigate the personal injury claim with and for you.

Some duties you can expect your lawyer to perform are:

  1. During insurance company negotiations, they will make sure that your interests are represented.
  2. They will document and calculate all of your losses.
  3. They will gather evidence and interview witnesses who saw the incident.
  4. They will act in your best interest and field any potential settlement offers.
  5. Make sure that all relevant documents and paperwork are filed correctly.

Some Questions to Ask Your Fort Lauderdale Attorney

If you’ve been injured, you may want to secure legal help quickly, however, we also hope that you are not going to try and get the first attorney that you see. Your time, health, and money are on the table so you want a lawyer who is going to assist you 110% and act only in your best interests and not just theirs.

When you hunt for prospective personal injury lawyers, you want to look at credentials, reviews, testimonials, and relevant info to determine if they are the right fit for you. As well, you want to have prepared some questions that you will be asking them to get a better feel for who you will be working with.

Some possible questions are:

  • How long have you been practicing in law and do you mainly practice personal injury law?
  • Do you have examples of past personal injury verdicts and settlements?
  • What professional organizations or bar associations do you belong to?
  • What factors do you see working for me or against me in my case?
  • Who will I be mainly dealing with if I have any questions or concerns?

Final Thoughts

Aside from a few exceptions –– most of the time, a person will most likely need to have a personal injury lawyer help them with their case. It will be only beneficial especially if there are serious injuries involved or there is foul play on the part of the insurance company or responsible parties. An attorney will be able to act in your best interests and assist you with guiding the legal process for your personal injury case. When in doubt, seek out a lawyer for a free consultation and they will point you in the right direction.

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