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Best Foodie Destinations in Europe in 2019

Out of all continents in the world, Europe occupies a very special place when cultural diversity and food versatility comes into the picture.

Every country in this continent is so grounded and rich in culture that the variety of cuisines changes like wildfire. For the ultimate foodie in you, there is no better place than Europe to travel all way along.

Here, we bring the best foodie destinations in Europe for the year 2019 to satiate your traveling belly!

  1. Macedonia: A lover of fusion food will find heaven in this inquisitive place. The food culture is a mixture of Balkan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine- which is quite a rare occurrence. Dwell in the overflow of cheese, pastries and amazing ranges of meat during the stay here. The place also offers exotic selection of veggies along with rich wine! The ten-day adventure from Macedonia to Montenegro brings the best of unexplored Europe for the foodie.
  2. Greece: The food in this country not just sumptuous but also healthy on the palate. With good usage of olive oil, fresh veggies, feta cheese, amazing fish- the place offers a 4000 year old cuisine for your bliss. Also, dwell in plentiful herbs like mint and dill which top the tender range of meats. Try the nine-day real food adventure in Greece to learn from cooking classes and pay a visit to family-owned distillery.
  3. Slovenia: The majestic country offers just everything for everyone- ranging from sandy beaches to snowy Alps mountain range, Ljublijana – the capital of Slovenia offers riverside cafes, delicious cakes, and try a sip with the country’s national drink Schnapps- a fruity liqueur. The coastal towns of Slovenia offers Lake Bledd’s famous cake kremma rezina- a must try!
  4. Italy: One cannot afford to pay a visit to Italy if food is on mind. Ranging from wide range of pasta, thin crunch pizzas or a wholesome bite of Tiramisu, Italy also offers an amazing range of wines in Tuscany. The wine tasting here is more like a lifestyle rather than a casual activity. The water town Venice offers rich risottos, creamy polenta which is mouthwatering. Pay a visit to the coastal town of Sorrento to dwell in Buffalo mozzarella and have a sip of Limoncello- a lemon-flavored liqueur.
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  5. Croatia: The culinary capital Istria is like a dream come true for foodies. Stationed near the Balkan sea, indulge into truffles, loads of olive oil, and wholesome steak. Visit the walled city of Zadar and Dalmatia which is called the foodie heaven. The locally grown liqueur is amazingly sweet for the taste buds!
  6. Montenegro: This Balkan country is not much explored and that’s what makes it even more interesting. The traditional restaurants here serve Turkish snacks, Italian staple range, and fantastic quality of beer and wine. The world heritage listed town Kotor is a must visit for the food lover.
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