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4 Tips To Becoming A Respected Leader


One of the most important aspects of becoming an entrepreneur is being a leader, and the truth is that leadership has its merits outside of the business world. There are teachers that succeed because they are natural leaders, parents that have to lead their children the right way, and overall global leaders that have to understand the needs and desires of entire countries. While there is no one true real path to leadership, there are some universal ways to make sure that you not only gain respect but that you keep it. Here are four tips to becoming a respected leader.

Just Do It

We all might get bogged down by thought from time to time. It might be that we claimed that we would write a novel that we never got around to, or reading that book that we were supposed to read a year ago. One of the reasons that a respected leader stays respected is because he or she can lead through action. There are CEOs that make sure that they make the deal happen and quarterbacks that make sure that they win the game – and they have one thing in common: they put forth the maximum effort to get it done. We all know that thought and strategy has its place, but action has to be emphasized in order to be an effective leader.


Another common trait with regards to respected leaders is the fact that they are committed to the cause. We all know that revolutionaries of history had to stay focused on the cause to make sure that they succeeded, whether it was a general trying to win a war or an individual trying to fight for civil rights. They might have been jailed, or even beaten, but that didn’t shake their commitment. One of the most well-known companies in the cryptocurrency space is Binance, and many were taken back when the soft-spoken CEO of Binance decided to get a tattoo of the logo of his own company, but to others, it showed that he was truly committed to the company for the rest of his life.

Dress The Part

Yes, you might have the mind and spirit of a leader, and want to come into work wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. However, you have to inspire and lead other people, and that requires a certain kind of perception. Even if you are not someone who is big on fashion or style, the truth is that a leader has to motivate his workforce or supporters, whether we are talking about a musician on stage or a CEO in a meeting. You might not be able to afford the Rolls-Royce or mansion – and maybe it’s not time in your journey for that. However, you can still be a respected leader with a solid suit and a tag heuer carrera. The right clothes and accessories will help your message be conveyed that much stronger.


We have all seen a fall from grace, and it isn’t pretty. There are CEOs that have been forced to admit that they did not do business ethically, athletes that have taken performance-enhancing drugs, and celebrities that have cheated on their significant others. The reason why these are often career-ending blows is that we realize that the individual wasn’t acting honestly. Even if we were inspired by what they said, or motivated by their action, we realize that their words and actions didn’t line up. A true respected leader maintains his or her integrity and honesty, and that’s why his or her team is so willing to go the extra mile to support them. Even if it isn’t what they want to hear, the right amount of honesty and transparency goes a long way when it comes to demanding respect.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - 4 Tips To Becoming A Respected Leader
Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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