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Traveling To Australia: Here Are 5 Things To Know About ETA

An Electronic Travel Authority, also known as ETA is a travel document that is linked with your passport and carries totally different concepts than your traditional visa. If you’re planning to travel to Australia, then it’s very vital for you to obtain this documentation. You can easily get your Australian ETA from an airport or any agent available online. However, ETA is issued to residents of some particular countries which fall under guidelines provided by the government.

Jotted down below are the five things that everyone must know about Australian ETA.

Time of Application

The application for an ETA is not that intricate. You can apply for an Australian ETA from 12 months prior to the few days before your travel. It’s a cake but you need to be mindful of a number of countries are prohibited from obtaining an Australian ETA. You can receive your Australian ETA within some moments. The processing time to obtain an Australian ETA is approximately 24 hours and can be dealt with while you’re choosing a trusted platform.

Information Required

At the time of your ETA application, the following details must be incorporated.

  1. Family name
  2. Your given name
  3. Passport with all the other rented details
  4. Date of birth, sex, and COB
  5. Type of travel that includes visitor, tourist or business short validity
  6. Entry status
  7. Visa status
  8. Timestamp over your visa when it was issued
  9. Export date of your visa

While traveling with your child

If you’re a traveler and are planning to explore Australia with your children, then each of your children must have an Australian ETA before departure. Each application will be respectively processed without being linked with the parent’s ETA. They must contain a valid visa which is updated.

All the documentation must be formerly prepared and presented at the time of their ETA preparation.

Requirements for Australian ETA

These specific requirements must be inevitably fulfilled to acquire Australian ETA.

  1. The person applying for the Australian ETA must belong to any other country but not Australia.
  2. He/she must have a particular purpose for their visit, it should either be for tourism or business.
  3. The person concerned must contain the passport of the countries instructed by the authorities.

The above-mentioned requirements are mandatory to follow else your application for the Australian ETA will be declared void.


The holder of an ETA is permitted to explore Australia with a visa entry as many times as possible, however, in the limited time period that is exactly 12 months from the date, it’s issued. The stay might comprise of around 3 months but not more than that. The period of the visit is restricted.

Job opportunities

As a matter of fact, a person holding an Australian Visa is not permitted to seek job opportunities in Australia. However, if the following contingencies are fulfilled, then you can work as a volunteer

  1. Your foremost purpose of visiting Australia is tourism and the work as a volunteer comes intentionally.
  2. You must not be paid for the services you’re rendering.
  3. You must not be hired for any type of services by an Australian resident.

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