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Top Destinations In Europe To Visit This Summer

With summer knockings at the door, a traveler mind always craves for destinations that takes a nomad away from the blistering sun and gift them some refreshing vibes. The winters are no doubt stretched and dark but the fresh straw-hat gives a twinkling of respite and lull to reenergize one for the whole year. Below enlisted are five such destinations in Europe that offer a blend of experiences to die for this summer:

1. Interlaken, Switzerland.

Forget the common myth of snowy Swiss Alps and explore this summer in the sports capital of Europe. Summer cannot be better than in this resort town in the central part of Switzerland. With loads of adventure activities on the desk, Interlaken is among the top choices in Europe. Kayaking, Hand-gliding, paragliding, parasailing trekking, and river rafting are some of the very common adventures happening at this place. If otherwise, one can simply sit back at the resort or enjoy swimming in the resort’s private pool. The clear blue sky with silvery clouds behind the nearest green hill makes a perfect nature gazing session for a nomad.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This coastal town is located in the southern part of Croatia and shares its borders with the Adriatic Sea. The place has been a prior choice of many who wish to spend their summer time at a long and peaceful beach. The city attracts both the romantic and the classic by offering a wide variety of summertime activities. The night cruises in the beaches are a perfect summer night out for the romantic while staying at this old historical city. Summer festivals are also held in its beaches which host various programs like concerts, live performances, exhibitions, and dance shows. One can also taste a variety of local cuisine at the beach where small food stalls are set up during the festival.

3. San Sebastian, Spain

The coastal city located on the Bay of Biscay in Spain is Donostia, popularly known as San Sebastian. The city is famous for both its old and antique edifices along with calm and cool beaches. Timeworn Sebastian City Hall, historical museums, giant churches, hoary castles, and ancient monuments are some of the attractions while hopping in the city. Beaches like Playa de la Concha and Zurriola provide a relaxing summer air with beautiful scenery. Another attraction of the city is the Santa Clara Island. One has to take a ferry from the mainland to go to the same. Located between two mountains, this small island has a lighthouse and a café to sit and enjoy the mid water view from the top.

Best Luxury Hotels in San Sebastian, Spain:
Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastian.
Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, San Sebastian.
NH Collection San Sebastian Aranzazu.
Hotel Leku Eder, San Sebastian.

4. Jurmala, Latvia

As Wiki says, Jurmala is a Latvian resort city on the Gulf of Riga, just west of the capital, Riga. And yes, it has beaches but the main magnetism is its Dzintari Forest Park that beholds two hundred-year-old pine trees and bilberry bush. One can cycle or skate through the dense woods or simply walk around leisurely. The park is open all throughout the year with no entry fees. But the best of the greens can be made in the hot days only! Apart from the beaches, one can stroll along the streets of Jurmala, visit Mrs. Aspajiza’s and Mr. Morbeg’s wooden summer house or attend an evening concert at the Dzintari Concert Hall. The wooden architecture of structures is one among the other distinguishing features of this city. One can also indulge themselves in observing the intricate wood carving of facades, windows, and roofs of private bungalows and villas.

5. Santorini, Greece

The abode where aquatic colors get merged with the ether is Santorini. The place is a flock of islands with indigo beaches that stand at the southeast to Greece’s mainland. The islands were once the eruption place of world’s largest volcanoes. A nomad can easily climb up to these volcanoes from where one can have an entire view of the islands along with the Aegean Sea. Apart from climbing the mountains, one can enjoy a vivid and rich sunset from their cottage balcony while sipping in a glass of beer. There are also plenty of beach bars where a traveler can sit and relax in the hot days while enjoying the serenity of the seawaters.

Best Luxury Hotels in Santorini, Greece.

1De Sol Spa Hotel92.4
2Katikies Hotel91.5
3Volcano View Hotel Santorini91.3
4Andronis Boutique Hotel85.4
5Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa85.3
6Kirini Santorini82.7
7Lilium Villas82.5
8Santorini Kastelli Resort80.5
9Pegasus Suites & Spa80.2
10Casa Vitae Suites78.9
Santorini in Greece tops CEOWORLD magazine’s 2019 honeymoon destinations list.

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