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The Rookiest Of All Rookie Style Mistakes Men Make


We’ve all stood in front of the mirror wearing our best outfit and thinking of ourselves as fashion icons. But then we all grew up and cringed at our pictures from the teenage days, wishing we could shake ourselves and change our fashion sense.

Those cool leather jackets, cargo shorts, and boots only looked cool till high school prom and annual functions. When we grew up, fashion grew up too!

Sparkly, Shiny Polyester

The Problem: Remember the days when each boy’s gathering outfit highlighted a gleaming polyester catch down with a Dragonball Z print, a skull, or only a couple of rockabilly blazes? And that was the era of 2000. Leave those club shirts where they have a place, which is in a dull, disgraceful corner of your secondary school days.
It’s not simply the animation prints that shout adolescence in these shirts, it’s the material, a polyester sparkling the shirt is shrouded in a flimsy film of oil.
What’s more, that conveys us to our first solution for self-tantalizing design botches: Understand textures and perceive quality.Whatever you do, however, if you see a conservative shirt with Pikachu on the back, abandon it on the rack. There’ll be a 14-year-old along to give that shirt a home any minute at this point.

Polo shirts With The Collar Propped Up

The Problem: Polo shirts were intended to be semi-formal bits of dress. Be that as it may, the ongoing patterns have improved the viability of the Polos and transformed them into excessively easygoing outfits. Despite of being so convenient and good-looking, polo shirts have been abused by the youth and even grown-ups nowadays, strolling around with their Polo collars propped up, considering themselves design models and trailblazers.
All things considered, this is an aggregate request to all men out there – kindly don’t prop up the collars of your Polos, not just because it is the incorrect way but also simply because it looks very juvenile. Wear them how they were intended to be worn. Also, never wear an undershirt with your Polo shirt, it spoils the look and makes the body look even bulky.

Wearing Your Dress Shirt Untucked

The Problem: If your dress shirt is sufficiently long to cover your butt, it’s intended to be tucked in. The shirt is made longer so when you take a seat, with your shirt tucked inside, it doesn’t annoyingly lift out of your jeans. On the off chance that you’re somebody who despises tucking in at easygoing settings, at that point ensure the dress shirts you wear are custom fitted and shorter to come simply over the midpoint of your gluteus maximus. Try not to go out looking loose and slack.


The Problem: A pocket square, an unobtrusive chain, a sweet pair of shades are just some accessories that can make the outfit or throw off the entire outfit at one go.
Simply don’t go over the edge or you’ll get a Jersey Shore vibe!
Jewelry is a benefit, not a right, and men who misuse this benefit pay for it by looking unpracticed, or more awful, miserably shabby.
Anyway, here’s the point: If you’ve pawed your way through puberty and made it, scarred and gasping, to the shores of genuine adulthood, you should dress like it. As opposed to mainstream hip-jump conviction, tasteful ladies don’t care for men that display how rich they are by wearing 90 percent of their total assets on their chest.

Sneakers Don’t Blend With Every Crowd

The Problem: Indeed, even the most enthusiastic sneakerhead on the planet needs to let it be known: “Elaborate game shoes simply don’t run with business clothing.”
Shoes set the entire tone for your outfit. You might as well consider this the most important factor, so putting resources into a decent pair of dress shoes is fundamental. That doesn’t prevent folks from attempting to flaunt their most recent high-dollar sneakers notwithstanding when they have no expectation of grabbing a brisk diversion or even a sharp football match their way at any point soon. It’s marvelous to have a storage room loaded with kicks, especially Air Jordan’s. We don’t debate that.
Being a grown-up method making sacrifices, so purchase the boring shoes as of now.

We’re altogether dominated by our feeling of vision and that is the reason people judge you by your appearance before you even express a word. So on the off chance that you need to resemble and be dealt with like a grown-up male, you ought to presumably stop it with your everyday style tribute to Vanilla Ice.

By and large, stay away from anything excessively popular—excessively upset styles, over the top murmuring, and, my definitive ‘no-no,’ the stunned, grommet-ed, or vigorously cross-sewed seat with unreasonable logos.

There are, however, many outfit mistakes that men make and end up looking tacky or messy.

Rookiest of all rookie style mistakes men make:

  1. Wearing too much cologne.
  2. Sparkly, shiny polyester.
  3. Polo shirts with the collar propped up.
  4. Wearing your dress shirt untucked.
  5. Overemphasis on the accents.
  6. Sneakers don’t blend with every crowd.
  7. Improper tie length.
  8. Unshined shoes.
  9. Cargo shorts were cool because of everything you could fit in the pockets.
  10. Large objects in suit, shirt & pants pockets.
  11. Limp & lifeless shirt collars.
  12. Thinking that caring about your style is for poofs.
  13. Shorts are dumb and should only be worn by boys under the age of 12 or sportsmen.
  14. Belt not matching your shoes.
  15. Overuse of hair product.
  16. Belts with big buckles.
  17. Clothes that don’t fit.
  18. Pocket squares have to match your tie.
  19. Not ironing clothes.
  20. Over branding.
  21. Wearing white sports socks outside of sporting activities.

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