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Essential Fashion Colours Which Are Must have in Your Wardrobe this Year

Choosing the right color for your body type is quite an important aspect of maintaining fashion.  Certain colors enhance the look of a dress and some also make it appealing. As times pass by, some colors rule the trend quite dominant than other ones.

While classic colors like black, white and blue always have a special place, there are some fun colors this year which are making much an impact in the fashion world.

Neon Green: This shiny color was usually shunned away because of its boldness but now, it has become an exceptional trend. Especially for those who are outgoing and love to experiment in fashionable colors, neon green is a perfect choice. It also brings a chilled out appearance for the wearer.

Lovely Lilac: Multiple shades of lavender are always associated with calmness, peace and relaxation. Lilac is one subtle shade of lavender and has a feminine touch to it. Whether it is a long maxi dress or a casual top, lilac goes well with base colors and also looks unique.

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Creatively Coral: This earthly color is quite a choice for not just outfits, but also for footwear and accessories. Coral has the beautiful aspect of bringing calmness and at the same time sound interesting to look at. The various shades of coral also go perfectly well for a work based occasion apart from a casual outing.

Mellowed Yellow: Instead of the orange shaded yellow, the milder version of mellowed yellow is quite beautiful. The color is quite stylish and also emanate a sense of optimism and hope. Try out bold floral prints with mellowed yellow as the base and it sure works wonders!

Turquoise:  This Moroccan inspired color has become a brilliant trend even in decors and home color shades apart from fashion. Turquoise has proven to give calmness and peace for the troubled soul. Be creative by mix and matching this color with basic colors like black or white to make a fantastic outfit.

Magical Mango: What other color can do complete justice to a perfect spring evening than the seasonal mango color? This color is quite amazing for any day’s occasion and even for a cocktail party. It displays the playful side of you and also defines the personality quite impressively.

Delicate Rose: This utterly feminine color is a savior for all those fashionable women. It showcases the delicate side of you and when made in satin cloth, the beauty is inexplicable. Enjoy the subtlety of fashion with this timeless color which is breathtakingly classy.

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Feisty Red: Red is one timeless color and never goes out of fashion. It also brings a beautiful outlook and bold personality of the wearer. Sport a leather red dress for an evening party and see all the heads turn without much explanation!

Outstanding Olive: This beautiful color is perfect suit as a base color and also a savior. Whether it is a khaki based trouser, or a stylish scarf, the color has a magical ability to balance out a bright outfit.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Essential Fashion Colours Which Are Must have in Your Wardrobe this Year
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