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5 Top Diving Sites In The World For Amazing Diving Experience

If you are an adventurist, then diving must be there in your checklist. It is full of so much of fun, thrill and excitement that you get to know only after experience this venturesome activity. Willing to explore the world’s best diving sites? We are here to help you out.

Here is a list of top 5 diving sites of the world:

  1. Red Sea, Egypt: It is no lesser than an underwater paradise in North Africa. A very unusual fact about the Red Sea is that it still has quite healthy coral reefs (contrary to some other affected ones due to pollution and climatic change). In addition to it, the diving conditions here are favorable for divers. Its warm water rarely falls below 22 degrees Celcius even in core winters and typically reaches 30 degrees in dense summers, that makes it pretty favorable for divers. Its crystal clear water provides the perfect condition for underwater photography. You’ll be able to encounter numerous marine creatures like pelagic, reef sharks, turtles, mantas, rare dugongs, spinner dolphins etc. the best dive sites include Thistlegorm wrecks, Abu Nuhas Reef, Dahab Blue Hole, Elphinstone Reef and many more.

  2. Bali, Indonesia: Submerge yourself in a thrilling and vibrant underwater world. Whether expert or a beginner, Bali welcomes scuba divers of all levels. Diving lets you explore the natural stunning underwater scenery and marine life. Bali is a year- round destination with warm temperature. The coldest water will be bearing temperature as low as 24 degrees Celcius. The best diving season here is May-Nov. The best dive sites for newbies are around Amed, Padang Bay, and Pulau Menjangan with the lesser current.

  3. The Blue Hole, Belize: It is an utterly surreal experience to witness live and diving in the Blue Hole is more thrilling than it used to be in images and videos. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will inevitably leave you spell-bounded. Though it hardly has any wildlife (nothing except a few sharks), but diving here is amazing. It will leave inside you a sensation to be flying in a cave (the Blue Hole was basically a cave before ending up underwater, hence, diving here is basically diving under huge stalactite and stalagmite). One can dive all the year round but Apr-June is the most favorable time for diving.

  4. Cocos Island, Costa Rica: Situated approx. 550 km away from the Costa Rican mainland, Cocos Island is the destination for all sorts of scuba divers invited from all over the world mainly from Dec-May (since the seas are calmer at this time). The only way to reach the island is by hiring Costa Rican liveaboard dive boats that operate from the Pacific town of Puntarenas (takes around 36 hours to complete a one-way trip). Its demand and supply variant causes you to book at least one year in advance. The main highlights of this spectacular island are sharks, dolphins, rays, pelagic, schooling fish etc. But you’ll encounter hundreds of hammerhead sharks and fewer other shark species in great number. The island overall has approx. 20 dive sites from shallow to deeper, some of the popular ones being Bajo Alcyone and Dirty Rock.

  5. Hawaii islands, United States: Hawaii is home to a wealth of natural beauty with a great diversity ranging from white sand beaches to lush green forests, from mountains of fire to snow- topped mountains. Hawaii islands are tailor-made for diving due to its crystal clear visibility, warm water and abundant marine life of sharks, rays, turtles and dolphins. If it has dive sites for beginners, then it also welcomes experienced ones as well. From a diving perspective, Apr-June and Sept-Dec is the best time when water is calmer and the weather is pleasant. Its most popular dive sites are Kailuakona, Golden Arches, the Cathedrals(Lanai), Molokini Wall and Black Rock.

So which spot are you picking up for your dive?

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