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9 Of The Best Theme Parks In The World For Your Family.

Summer is upon us and with it come the summer vacations. It’s obvious they may not be for you if you’re not a teacher or a student but you are in all likelihood a loving parent, and with that comes the enormous responsibility of showing your kids a good time for all the time they spend in their classes, studying or not. The crux is, kids deserve fun. It is their birthright. And there’s no better word for fun than a theme park. This post, therefore, outlines the nine most fun theme parks in the world. Time to book those flights then!

PortAventura (Spain)

If you live in Europe and fancy the cultural and the scenic prowess of Spain, not to forget to give your kids the ride of their lives, this is the park for you. It doubles up as both a theme park and an amusement park, and it being Spain, you’re sure to have a gala time yourself too. You have to check out the Himalaya theme park nestled within the precincts, which as the name suggests, is themed along the Himalayan range. A must visit then.

Window of the World (China)

If you want to give your kids a history lesson while also making them have superlative fun, this theme park is the way to head out to. It has miniature models of the most famous historical landmarks in the world. There are hundreds of them. It’s the epitome of knowledge that can be fun too.

Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi)

Chances are that if your kids love automobiles, which in all probability they do, this place would be Mecca for them. You would be hard pressed to find another theme park in the middle east that would offer more thrill and drool than this one. Rides in the shape of Ferrari cars is just the icing on the cake.

Universal Studios, Hollywood (California, US)

Whether you are a parent or a kid, the sight of dinosaurs filling your movie screen or giant robots hustling it out in the city have always caught wonder and fancy. Universal Studios in Hollywood give you an up close and personal look at how those big budget movies are made. You have to have the absolutely unmissable studio tour. It is a 45-minute 4D experience that will get you drunk on movies for a long time to come.

Hershey Park (Pennsylvania, US)

Ir may have been originally set up as an attraction that served only Hershey’s employees, but in the modern day the park has doubled up to become a joyride for anyone and everyone that chances a visit to this. Thanks to steady development and healthy investments, this has turned out to be one of the best Amusement parks this side of the United States.

Changzhou Dinosaur Park (China)

If history lessons are your thing, more specifically, the prehistoric lessons of nascent Earth, this is the place to be. Inside this park, you will find virtually every fossil imaginable of the great beings that walked on this planet, and then some. There is a sprawling 20,000 square ft museum to boot. Yes of course, this park also has rides in case the kids need to digest all that knowledge.

Tivoli Gardens (Denmark)

This amusement park prides itself as being one of the oldest in the world (second oldest to be exact), and therefore, it carries with it a lot of medieval flavor with it. Talk about roller coaster rides made out of wood, the Dæmonen, and the Odin Express, along with a host of fun-filled events that permeate its seasonal timings. Its best when you visit during the summer months, and that’s why it is here in our list.

Nagashima Spa Land (Japan)

Undoubtedly, the main attraction to this place is the giant Aurora wheel, which at it’s highest point, is 295 ft above the ground. This ensures that you get a panoramic and unprecedented view of the sea and the surrounding nature, as well as an adrenaline rush that you and your kids will savor for a long time to come.

Disneyland (California, US)

There is little to wonder why this place tops our list. Its in the bucket list of every child who has grown up watching Walt Disney’s creations and if stats are to be believed, the demographics of the target audience are not limited to just kids. There is more to explore in this place than you can keep count, and along with the simple fact that it is so accessible and bookable from any corner of the world, Disneyland is the place to be if you want your family to have the time of their lives, you included.

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