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Hairstyles To Keep You Fresh Even In The Heat, Summer 2019

The summer season is here with its bout of freshness and the aspirations of new things this year. Besides this, the season also comes with the scorching heat of the sun shining brightly on your face and the humidity you have to go through if you are traveling or working.

But that does not mean summer is not fun. This season gives you the chance of trying out new things, blending into the seasonal colors when it comes to clothes, accessories as well as hairstyles!

There is a lot to do and try out, and one of them is managing your hair without looking dull!

While most guys are trying the crew cut look to beat the heat, girls like keeping long hair or styling their hair short to get just the perfect look. Not too much, but not too little!

There are some hairstyles you can try out if you are looking for something refreshing. From snazzy haircuts to cute bangs and tying your hair in so many ways to make a bun, girls have the opportunity to experiment with their hair. These looks are effortless and can be carried out really well if you follow them step by step. Moreover, a whiff of new air always pleases the crowd, doesn’t it?

Try out these simple hairstyles to rock your outfits during the summers and look chic even in the glare of the sun:

  1. Top The classy but chic waves: Free and easy waves are always in trend during the summer months. They look casual for your everyday outings, and if you style it properly, they can add a charm for your dinner dates and parties. If you have your hair colored or are planning to get them done, consider opting for this hairstyle as the colors can blend in well with your hair and skin tone and look absolutely flawless on you. The Pantone shade of this year is coral, so if you are considering a short-haired look which is cute and funky, try experimenting with this shade to make the most out of your haircut.
  2. The effortless pulled-back ponytail: There are so many ways to tie your hair into a ponytail. While side ponytails on one or both sides look really cute, the timeless pulled-back ponytail adds a touch of modern and elegance in your attire. If you have long hair, the ponytail adds volume to your appearance. It will also prevent much hair from falling on your face keeping you fresh throughout the day. If you feel your face looks too empty or dull without some amount of hair, you can pull some slits out of your hair and style it accordingly. You can also try on a pair of hoops or danglers to make your face look full.
  3. The messy bun: Messy buns work for all seasons and they are a great way to look stylish and casual at the same time. You can pull your hair back to look fresh and leave the bun messy instead of tight to add a hint of glamour to your appearance. They are great for work, everyday traveling or brunch. You can create a messy bun within minutes by pulling your hair tightly towards the back, without leaving any loose strands. You can further tie it a little lower and backcomb your hair to make it look messy. Put some hairspray to add volume and make your bun stay the same way all day long.
  4. The side fishtail braid: Fishtail braids are super stylish and the side look looks glamorous for a day out in the heat. Since the braid keeps your hair in one place, you do not have to worry about loose strands touching your face in the heat. You can hence maintain a fresh and glowing look. Although it looks complicated to make, it is actually super easy and works well for almost all occasions. You can secure your fishtail braid using an elastic band or apply some dry shampoo to make it looks healthy and beautiful.

When the heat level becomes soaring high, the aforementioned hairstyles are clean and stylish options to choose from. This year, you can also try your hand at these hairstyles to cut the mundane attires and have something new for a new day:

  • The classic middle parting (works on short and long hair!)
  • The headband updo
  • The half upbraid or ponytail
  • The styled waves
  • The effortless bob cut

You can also accessorize your hair with a hat or a scarf, in addition, elastics and hair clips. These are a great way to beat the heat and also protect your hair from the UV rays, avoiding any hair damage to the volume, color or roots.

Summer 2019 Fashion Trends:

What is your favorite hairstyle at the beach?

More than 40 percent of respondents preferred the ponytail, against about 32 percent who liked to have their hair loose.

  1. A ponytail: 39.7%
  2. You like to have your hair loose: 32.7%
  3. A braid: 14.4%
  4. A bun: 13.2%

Leading U.S. hair styling/gel/mousse vendors based on unit sales 2018:

The total sales of hair styling/gel/mousse products in the United States amounted to about $1.08 billion in 2018. For the 52 weeks ended in December 2, 2018, Alberto-Culver (generated 26.37 million unit sales) ranked number one in the U.S., followed by Procter & Gamble, Garnier, Unilever, and American Crew.

  1. Alberto Culver: 26.37 million unit sales
  2. Procter & Gamble: 25.14 million unit sales
  3. Garnier: 20.53 million unit sales
  4. Unilever: 15.71 million unit sales
  5. American Crew: 3.84 million unit sales

Note: Unilever acquired Alberto Culver on September 27, 2010 for $3.7 billion.

Top hair styling/gel/mousse vendors the United States 2018, based on sales value

The data below shows the dollar sales of the leading hair styling/gel/mousse vendors in the United States in 2018. For the 52 weeks ended in December 2, 2018, Alberto Culver (ranked No. 1) generated $109.75 million in sales from their hair styling/gel/mousse products.

  1. Alberto Culver: $109.75 million in sales
  2. Procter & Gamble: $106.83 million in sales
  3. Garnier: $80.93 million in sales
  4. Unilever: $78.48 million in sales
  5. American Crew: $61.38 million in sales

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Hairstyles To Keep You Fresh Even In The Heat, Summer 2019
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