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7 Footwear Every Man Must Have In His Wardrobe

Footwear is as much important for men as it is for women. Many might disagree but there are rules for wearing every footwear for men, and the whole idea of men can wear any pair of footwear wherever and whenever they want is purely nonsensical.

For every occasion, there is a specific set of footwear which men should wear. While, it is not necessarily important to own all types of footwear, there are a few of them which must be owned. In this article, I will guide you through a list of 7 footwear which every man should have. They are your essentials and cannot be taken for granted!

Black Dress Shoes

Black goes with everything—not really, but it goes with ‘almost’ everything. Having black shoes in the wardrobe helps in reducing confusion about what to wear, and keeps us simple but stylish. You can pair these shoes with almost anything you like such as chinos, denim or suits.

One important tip: A good black is always better. You must not get just any pair of black shoes. Get a pair of high quality, polished black shoes which look neat and sophisticated.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic Shoes are almost as good as black shoes. They go with many outwears, aside from sportswear and can be conveniently worn. Do not hesitate in wearing these shoes outside the gym or tracks; couple them with casuals, and you are good-to-go.

Sports shoes are made for comfort and sturdiness. However, many people do not realize the importance of purchasing good quality sports shoes. If you buy poor quality shoes, they will inevitably hurt your feet and can potentially cause medical problems in the future. It is recommended you purchase athletic shoes from reputed brands such as Nike and Adidas.


I love boots. They have a class unmatched by any other footwear. What makes them all the more likable is the fact that they can effortlessly make any outfit look dashing and smart. Get a fine pair of boots and pair them with denim or cargos.

There are many choices within boots: high-ankle, heeled, ,Chelsea, and square toe cowboy boots for men. If you want to look taller, then boots are probably the best choice you have.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are the ultimate fashion statement. While we may worry about them getting easily stained, white sneakers are amazing at accentuating your leg portion and go very well with outfits of all colors and styles.

Wear them with casuals, the look you get is simply terrific. However, they look best with summer outfits. Also, avoid wearing them with formals—there is so much you can experiment with white sneakers, and formal occasions are not to be included.

Suede Driving Moccasins

If you have never heard of them or worn them, it is perfectly fine. You still have a chance to get them and rock a super good look whenever you want. Honestly, suede driving moccasins are a compromise between formal black shoes and super casual sneakers. However, when it comes to comfort, they are as good as either.

One important tip: wear socks which do not show. Also, suedes are prone to getting dirty and hence, it is strongly advised that you take caution. Since they have a short shelf life, they are relatively high maintenance, but they are worth all the efforts.

Leather Shoes

You cannot skip these if you want to complete your wardrobe. Leather shoes are good-to-go with almost anything you wear. They are versatile, stylish and very sophisticated and can accentuate your appearance dashingly.

It is up to you what kind of leather shoes you want. You can get boots, Oxford, or any other type. They can be slip-ons or lace-ups. They can be formal or casual. There is no limit to the kind of leather shoes you can own so decide wisely.


Another footwear which is amazingly comfortable is a pair of loafers. Loafers are essentially slip-ons which means they do not have laces, making them easy-to-wear and less time-taking. Moreover, they go with almost every occasion. I recommend that you get a black or brown shaded pair of loafers to complete your wardrobe.

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