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10 Most Popular iPhone Apps In March 2019 Worldwide And US


It’s official: “Roller Splat!” is the most popular iPhone app in March 2019. CEOWORLD magazine compiled a comprehensive look at the most popular apps in the Apple App Store worldwide in March, ranked by the number of downloads, excluding iPad apps.

During that month, Roller Splat! was downloaded approximately 15.91 million times to iPhones worldwide. There are plenty of surprising runners up, Netflix made the list approximately 4.51 million downloads worldwide, beating out Spotify – Music and Podcasts and Scream Go Hero.

The full list of the top 10 most downloaded iPhone apps in March 2019 worldwide is below:

  1. Roller Splat!: 15.91 million
  2. Color Bump 3D: 9.12 million
  3. WhatsApp Messenger: 8.95 million
  4. Draw it: 7.5 million
  5. Facebook Messenger: 7.02 million
  6. Pick Me Up™: 6.98 million
  7. Facebook: 6.4 million
  8. Netflix: 4.51 million
  9. Spotify – Music and Podcasts: 4.41 million
  10. Scream Go Hero: 3.03 million

These are the ten most popular iPhone apps in the Apple App Store in the United States in March 2019

Gaming app Roller Splat! was downloaded approximately 6.76 million times to iPhones in the United States, excluding iPad apps.

  1. Roller Splat!: 6.76 million
  2. Draw it: 4.7 million
  3. Color Bump 3D: 3.45 million
  4. Pick Me Up™: 2.86 million
  5. Facebook Messenger: 2.18 million
  6. Facebook: 1.84 million
  7. Netflix: 1.74 million
  8. Scream Go Hero: 1.61 million
  9. Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles: 1.47 million
  10. Paint Pop 3D: 1.4 million

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