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Top 5 Post Graduate Courses That Offer Huge Packages

University Students

Intellectual and creative pursuits have always been an element of a progressive and ever-growing society. Here, we have curated a list of postgraduate programs with huge packages to broaden the scope of education and career.

Rehabilitation Counselling In the United States.

People with certain physical, emotional and mental disability require creative and novel solutions to face the daily challenges and gain independence. Rehabilitation counselors work in different societies and departments to help achieve personal and professional goals, in both the private and public sectors. Persons dealing in this area are known as rehabilitation counselors, who are likely to work with employers educating them about the Disability Act or with the disabled people, individually or in groups. Counselors on attaining the MA degree and the license are to practice and work in hospitals, schools, government and insurance agencies, and rehabilitation facilities.


Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin–Madison and George Washington University is the topmost colleges offering highly advanced education and vital requirements for this course.

STARTING SALARY– up to $34,880 (salary may vary with the selected specialization, years of experience and other factors)

Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education In the United States.

The current pace of education and the ongoing development in technology, there is a need for proper and efficient education to lead the upcoming generations. A masters in curriculum and instruction includes focussing on current theories, research, technology, and methodology to design the content, models and learning systems. It administers education policies, procedures, and plans. The scope of career is vast in this field as their work includes educational as well as business spheres, which includes new hire selection and teacher re-training. The curriculum analysts require a strong computer and technological background to analyze data of varied methods and systems.

TOP COLLEGES IN THE US: Michigan State University and Teachers College: Columbia University.

STARTING SALARY– up to $58,200

Computer Science In Canada

A more intensive education in the concepts and techniques for the design, programming and application of computer systems. The course focuses on a specialty, including data science, game development, computer security, computer networks, software engineering, intelligent robotics, multimedia and creative technologies, and high-performance computing and simulation. The graduates work in the information technology field, as security engineers, database or software developers, experience designers or data scientists.

TOP COLLEGES IN CANADADalhousie University, University of Toronto, and The University of British Columbia.

STARTING SALARY– up to $62,000

Medicine And Dentistry In United Kingdom

The medical profession is one standout in the society’s assets and the all-consuming and challenging degrees one can attain. A dentistry degree covers things like anatomy and biochemistry, and applicative studies like taking a medical history, doing dental examinations, anesthesia, etc. Medical specializations are very broad, such as ophthalmology, obstetrics, and gynecology or anesthetics. Both disciplines: medicine as well as dentistry equip its pupils with the vital skills like surgical procedures as well as the people skills necessary to interact with patients and their relatives and keeping them calm.

TOP COLLEGES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM– the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and Cardiff University.

STARTING SALARY- up to £39,000 (public sector), £140,000+ (private sector)

Latin Legum Magister (Llm), Master’s In Law In India

Law as a profession, in the traditional days meant to “practice law in courts” but in the modern times, it encompasses a variety of options like a criminal, corporate, cyber, family, administrative and many more fields. The role of a lawyer has completely evolved and so has their requirements in the various departments. A lawyer is present not only in the courts as litigators but as corporate counsels in law firms, NGOs, judicial/civil services, judicial clerkship, and media law.

TOP COLLEGES IN INDIANational Law School of India University, Bangalore, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad and National Law Institute University, Bhopal.

STARTING SALARY– up to Rs. 200,000-300,000

To become increasingly fierce and stand out in the recent era, one requires to be excellent and completely up to date with modern and advanced technologies.

Skills after post-graduation will not only enhance your CV but also provide you the much-needed edge! It is time to focus on the great academics and careers this world has to offer. Gear up!

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