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6 Things You Must Not Wear To Your Job Interview

It is not just about your resume which makes a difference in a job interview. You may be a graduate from an amazing University, but if you cannot carry yourself sophisticatedly and professionally during the interview, then there will be issues.

Job interview evaluates whether your credentials suit the requirements of the job as well as whether your personality goes with the atmospheric needs of the organization. Every workplace needs people who know how and what to say—and HOW TO PROPERLY DRESS.

Thus, interview rounds offer interviewers a chance to evaluate whether you carry professionalism in what you wear.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 6 things you must not wear to a job interview.

These things can potentially take away your chance of becoming part of something big—and you would not want that to happen, would you?

Too Flashy

It is a job interview, not a theme party. Anything flashy which you wear will catch immediate attention and can get you negative scores. The choice of your colors should be simple and not too bright. For example, if you are choosing red, choose a light shade of the same. Do not go for crimson.

In case you want to wear your favorite crimson shirt to the interview, be tactical about it. Wear a simple blazer over it to hide the impact of the shirt.

Skin Show

“I can wear whatever I want” has no blanket application. You should know what to wear on what occasions. In fact, on formal occasions, you need to be extra careful about what you are wearing.

Skin show during the interview is a big no. Do not wear skin tight clothes, short skirts, and shirts with a deep neckline. Being slightly conservative works during interviews and gives a good impression on the interviewers.

Do not Wear Too Much Scent

It is great that you have a brilliant collection of perfumes and cologne, but trust me when it comes to interviews, neither of them would help—in fact, they can ruin your chance of laying a good impression on interviewers.

A family member of mine has experience as an HR Manager and tells me that scented interviewees are distracting and perfume or cologne, if applied too strongly, affects the mood as well. It is advised that you do not use fragrance on the day of the interview. In case, you cannot do without it, make sure you apply it minimally.

Do Not Overdo or Underdo it

It is not a summer party, but a serious job interview. You cannot wear floral patterns, capris, and ill-fitting clothes to an interview. Those with whom the ultimate decision of hiring you rests should at least consider you prima facie fit for the job. Wearing casual clothes can totally make them reject you the moment they see you. You do not have to experiment with what you wear. Just keep it neutral, properly fit and sophisticated.

In winters, you can feel like wearing as much wool as possible to keep yourself warm. However tempting it may look, too much wool can make you look heavy and unsophisticated. Try coupling your formals with a good quality woollen blazer, and I think you will be good-to-go.

Make-up Should Be Reasonable

We all want to look the best during job interviews, but sometimes we overdo it. This, especially, happens while putting make-up.

You need to look natural and smart, and you can get that look without having to put layers of make-up. Avoid dark eyeshadow, excessive foundation, and flashy lipstick. Also, you may want to accessorize your look, but not too much. Wear minimal accessories and completely avoid heavy jewellery.

Dirty or wrinkled Clothes

It is considered highly unsophisticated to wear dirty or wrinkled clothes for a job interview. You should get your clothes washed up, dried and ironed before you wear them. There must not be any stains on the fabric. Also, keep ripped clothes away from job interviews—they will not make you look cool.

In simple terms, what you need are impeccably clean and ironed formals to give the best impression!

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