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Timeless Wildlife Destinations In 2019

Wildlife is something which brings up a lot of life to the tired traveler and whoever is looking for a bit of adventure in their lives. Let it be the natural habitats, vegetation, flora and fauna, or rare findings of animal species, Wildlife is a bliss!

With growing interest in environmental awareness and conservation of natural resources,  lot of travelers are eager to find the right wildlife adventure of their lives in this year.

Here are some of the trendiest yet timeless wildlife destinations in 2019!

1. Namibia

Africa was always a continent strongly associated with wildlife and rich natural resources. Catch the world’s fastest running animal Cheetah in Namibia, the beautiful country with rich animal species. You can also spot Lion, Hyena and Leopards which are quite indigenous to the area.

Nature & Wildlife Tours in Namibia‎: Ganab, Blutkoppe and Welwitchia desert tour (by Awesome Chapters Tours), Wild Wind Safaris, The Art of African Safari, etc.

2. Canada

If you like a bit of chill in the atmosphere along with sighting exquisite animals such as polar bears, Canada is the right country for you. Wait for the sea to freeze as temperatures drop by, and witness the breathtaking sight of a frozen forest featuring 1,200 polar bears in one single place! The right time to visit this country for amazing sightings is during October- November.

Nature & Wildlife Tours in Canada‎: 5-Night Churchill Tour and Polar Bear Adventure from Winnipeg (by Frontiers North Adventures), Desolation Sound Wilderness Discovery Cruise (by Pacific Coastal Cruises & Tours), etc.

3. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

For those sea animal lovers, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands offers a breathtaking sight of king penguins. Catch up with unending coastline of penguins moving around. In short, this is a wildlife photographer’s delight. One can also plan for an incredible journey into the southern ocean to catch a glimpse of whales and more changes to watch penguins!

4. Australia

The first animal which comes into mind when Australia is mentioned- is undoubtedly the kangaroo. But the place also has amazing wildlife adventure scenes featuring koala bear, palyptus, sea lion and fur seal for the thirsty wildlife traveler!

Nature & Wildlife in Australia‎: Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation and Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary Day Tour by the Adventure Company Australia; Ocean Rafting Tour to Whitehaven Beach by Ocean Rafting; and Uluru Camel Express, Sunrise, or Sunset Tours by Uluru Camel Tours, etc.

5. Finland

This cleanest country of the world is amazingly rich in wildlife as well. Dwell into Finland’s ancient Taiga forest to spot a wide range of bears and exquisite range of wolves. For all the passionate photographers, consider  a two night stay in prime bear habitat.

6. Alaska

For the chilled out traveler who needs a feel of the wild, spot the Grizzly Bear,  Sea Lion , Otter and wide range of whales.  If you are willing to try a hand in ice fishing, Alaska is the perfect destination which also offers travel bliss.

7. Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands: Elephant seal is one of those rare species which people love to photograph and observe them. They have incredibly become rare to watch them and Falkland Islands also feature sea lion island,  pebble island and volunteer point for additional travel adventure experiences.

8. Saint Helena

For the sea lovers who want to get a spot of Whale Shark, St. Helena is the perfect choice. Also spot a variety of dolphins, wirebird and humpback whale as well. The beautiful western Australian’s coastline has breathtaking marine life and wide variety of forests.

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