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Top 5 Adventure Activities For The Young CEO (And Where To Have Them)

It comes as to no surprise that if you have worked yourself up to the corporate ladder relatively early in your life, you have managed to do so because of clarity of vision and a strong and unanimous focus of what you want in your life.

Concurrently, it also means that you possess a lust for life and a spirit that hates being stuck in the ordinary. You are always in search of a higher purpose, a more fulfilling usage of your time and undeniably, an unquenchable thirst for adventure. This article is for you then.

It outlines the top 10 adventure activities that you can do as a young, wild and hungry CEO.

Heli-Skiing (in Alaska, Canada, and the Himalayas)

This is your regular run of the mill stuff but with a twist. Unlike your average skiing adventure, which doesn’t offer much in the way of adrenaline once you’ve done it, this one takes the concept to new heights (pun unintended). You are taken by a helicopter to an altitude that’s not practical to reach by automobiles (think 7000m above sea level) and all that remains from there are your gear, guts and steely determination to get you down. It’s not for the faint of heart. But that’s exactly why you are a CEO.

Trek in the Himalayas

Being the biggest and most exhilarating mountain range in the world, the mighty Himalayas are abuzz with countless trails and trekking locations with difficulty levels ranging from the very basic to the highest extremes. You can start off with the Indian side of the Himalayas for a more than decent experience and then you can graduate to the Nepal side for the big daddy of them all, the  Mount Everest trek. Again not for the faint of heart. But that’s the point.


This is probably one of the most exhilarating activities you can take part in in the winter sports category. For the uninitiated, you lie on a sleigh and then slide down a man-made ice-tracks that bank steeply with a lot of turns and gravity does the rest. This is actually a sport now governed by the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation. You have to go to Germany or Switzerland for a proper taste of these. You will not be disappointed.

Base jumping (Angel falls)

Arguably one of the most exhilarating sports of all, base jumping is another pursuit that requires sheer will and passion and is, of course, fraught with lots of danger. However, the adrenaline rush you get surpasses all other feelings. For the uninitiated, you will be jumping off a very tall structure with nothing but a parachute, or better still, a wingsuit. The best place in the world to do that would without a question be the Angel Falls in Venezuela, the highest waterfall in the world. A plunge from almost a mile above sea level with the gorgeous fall serving as a backdrop is an experience you will never forget.


Sky Diving

This one is a no brainer if you are looking for the big daddy of all adventure sports. It involves you jumping out of an airplane from a height that is typically greater than 10,000 ft above sea level. The experience assumes greater heights if you choose your location wisely. You could try the Swiss Alps or the Byron Bay in Australia. But if you are looking for an urban setting there is no better place than Dubai, where you’ll get a ringside view of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa and of course the manmade palm islands where you’ll eventually land. There is literally nothing quite like it.

Of course, there are more adventure activities that one could try a hand on. But if you can gather the courage to try any of these 5 activities, you would have conquered your inner demons and emerged a stronger individual. It’s not just fun that these activities are all about. They have more to do with a deeper, more intricate self-discovery that comes from grabbing your primal fears by the throat and jettisoning them into the abyss of obscurity. It helps if your mind is made of steel, and these 5 adventures are a sure shot way to test that mettle.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Top 5 Adventure Activities For The Young CEO (And Where To Have Them)
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