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Top 10 European Dishes To Try

Europe isn’t only home to breath-taking sights, stunning castles and rich culture, it is full of lip-smacking delicacies as well, something worth travelling thousands of miles over. If the foodie in you needs new territory to conquer, this is just the right article for you.  

Banitsa in Bulgaria 

The best of Bulgarian food can be experienced by its famous Banitsa, a blend of eggs, Bulgarian feta cheese and filo pastry. Eaten as breakfast, it very well may be eaten hot or cold, yet it’s so tasty regardless the time of the day. Banitsa with spinach, milk or pumpkin are all delicious choices, and there are a lot of bakeries that specialise in and only serve Banitsa all throughout Bulgaria. 

Crème Catalan in Catalonia, Spain 

In accordance with history and custom, crème brulee might be French, however the best custard dish (with burnt caramel) originates from Spain’s northern province of Catalonia. Crème Catalan is cooked on the stove as opposed to the oven. Pretty much every decent eatery in Barcelona will serve this delicious dish. 

Moussaka in Greece 

Very commonly served in the Eastern Mediterranean, Balkana and the Middle Eastern countries, this dish is based on either potatoes or aubergines, layered with ground meat and a tomato or else béchamel sauce, now and again finished with cheddar, and after that heated in the oven. Definitely recommended as one of the delicacies you should enjoy in Europe. 

Štruklji in Slovenia 

Slovenia may not initially ring a bell as a culinary destination, however, the nation’s special position in central Europe means that Slovenian food has taken the best of its neighboring nations’ cooking styles. Situated between the Mediterranean, the Alps and old Roman destinations, you’ll find astounding prosciutto, fine cheeses and healthy meat cuisines in Slovenia. The most lip-smacking is a crepe-like dish called Štruklji. These are made with tarragon and they’re unique to Ljubljana. 

Herring in Netherlands 

Proceeding with the list of traditional European cuisine, in the Netherlands, it’s about the delicious herring! As a nautical nation, fish has been an integral part of the national diet since time immemorial. With the one of a kind Dutch herring preservation process, the little silver fish has turned into an epitome of Dutch cuisine. It’s ideal to eat amid the primary catch of the season, yet practically all food markets in Amsterdam and nearby sell the fish as a snack. 

Palatschinken in Austria 

Commonly found in numerous Central and Eastern European nations, think about these as a marginally thicker and fluffier variant of crepes. Generally presented with apricot jam and whipped cream; although, today it is mostly relished with Nutella. Head to Austria to get your fix, this is without a doubt one of the dishes you should try in Europe. 

Pizza and Pasta in Italy 

You can’t visit Italy and not try the pizza! While there is a lot to Italian food other than pasta and pizza, you can’t afford to not try what Italy is originally most famous for.  

English Breakfast 

Don’t associate the English breakfast with the stereotypical eggs, ham, beans, broiled tomatoes and pudding. England has so much more to offer. Other than the faithful fry-up, one of the lesser known yet delicious breakfast options is the famous bacon butty sandwich.  

Ćevapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

If you had to choose your one last non-vegetarian dish before turning completely vegan, we would suggest this to be worth it. Ćevapi are grilled ground beef sausages typically presented with flatbread, onions, kajmak cheddar and ajvar. It is truly one delicious delight. 

Palacinky in Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic is most popular for its extraordinary assortment of pilsner beers, however, the country additionally presents some yummy Czech dishes to douse up such liquor. One of the must-eat dishes in Prague are palacinky pancakes. These crepe-like pastries are loaded up with jam and served rolled up. 

As mentioned above, Europe has several delish dishes for you to try. As George Bernard Shaw famously said, “there is no love sincerer than the love for food!” and we’re sure to have rekindled that love in you through this mouth-watering list. Bon appétit! 

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