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The 7 Accessories You Must Have For Your Business Trips

It’s inevitable that if you’re a man/woman of some position, travel is going to be an invariable part of your everyday life. Whether you are a corporate whiz, an influencer or simply an individual filled with an insatiable desire to see the world you would have travel, specifically, air travel as regular as breakfast in your existence.

And to that end, every traveler worth his/her salt would know how inconvenient life can be on the move. What you need then, is a bag filled with the bare minimum of essentials that can make air travel less of a hassle and more of an experience. This post outlines the 7 most important things to have in your bag to make your business trip kinder to your body and mind.

Anti crease shirt transporters

The importance and versatility of this device is grossly underestimated. As the name suggests, it keeps your shirts or an entire suit free of creases no matter how rough the baggage handlers get. Of course, wherever you go there will be hotels that will give you clean, ironed linen but there its always a better idea to be prepared for exigencies, especially for back to back meeting schedules. Plus, nothing betters the comfort of your own clothes.

Portable digital luggage scale

This has more to do with less frequent travelers than the more seasoned ones. You needn’t count the number of times you have had to pay for excess luggage simply because the shopping was too exuberant or the cultural giveaways too extravagant. Its always a nice idea to carry something that measures how much you are actually carrying so that you dont have to be frustrated in the last minute. This pen size tool is then a must have.

Cable organizer

No. This does not give you cable TV on the move. What this does is, organize all your cords and cables for your electronic devices because we all have been there, where your laptop cable is entangled with your headphones or even worse, your laptop and phone cables getting misplaced or swapped and its a real pain, not to mention time consuming to sort them out. Dont go the extra mile and get the cab organizer pouch.

Jewelry Box (A compact orgaizer)

For all the women out there making a change in the world, their jewelry accentuates and takes their personalities to a whole new level. However, its not always a piece of cake to keep all those ornaments in an easy to reach and organized place. The jewelry box answers that need. Its compact and ergonomic nature makes it easy to fit in any travel bag and it will keep your stones well demarcated and easy to reach. Plus, these boxes come in real attractive designs.

Personal water filter

This is a must have for travelers who explore unknown lands. However, its not limited to just that. Anyone who travels knows that water is something that cannot be taken for granted and this little syringe like device can mean the difference between life and death in some extreme circumstances. The good quality ones get rid of the smallest harmful particles (plastic, pollutants, the works) and you can bank upon safe, drinkable water when you’re out there into the unknown.

USB Solar charger

This may sound like a cliched device to carry but its an indispensable one nevertheless. Our ever increasing dependence on electronic devices (mobile phones, laptops, cameras..) means that there are often scenarios where you may not have a power socket near you, but you will get the sun in abundance. The USB Solar charger charges itself and becomes a power bank when you need it the most. Its one of those things that can be easily overlooked but is an indispensable part of your travel bag for those long expeditions.

Water Bottle with built in pills organizer

If you have been game changer, someone who has challenged the status quo and brought about a change somewhere or someplace, you know you have worked real hard for it, and that sometimes takes a toll on your body. More often than not, you would need medications to keep yourself in top shape to bring your A game. And if you could have your liquids and pills all organized in one place that could save you a lot of time in your stop and go lifestyle. The water bottle with a built-in pills organizer does just that. Is more handy than it seems at the outset.

There are probably more things that you may have or want in your bag but there is only so much you can carry. We didnt mention neck pillows, universal travel adapters and your quintessential eye wraps because we all have them in our bags already. The 7 things noted above are worth considering all the travel you have to do day in and day out. Some of them are downright innovative simply by design. Have a safe flight!

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