Friday, July 3, 2020

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Sunglasses You Can’t Afford to Miss this Summer

When heat blazes around, sunglasses are no longer a luxury but a necessity. The delicate skin under the eyes need a lot of protection from UV light and that’s where sunglasses come into rescue. Moreover, sunglasses are also an essential style statement and add much attitude to an outfit. With so many options around in the market, here we bring along some timeless as well as contemporary sunglass models which cannot be missed:


These timeless sunglasses is not just a trendy investment, but a permanent one. It goes along well with every formal outfit as well as suitable for driving purposes as well. Ray-Ban offers this fantastic piece which is quite durable to use.

Woody Wonder

The retro trend of thick wooden glasses is back again this year. This not only gives an earthy look to the wearer but also frames the face perfectly. Try out a wooden thick frame with polarized lens for the additional pampering for your eyes.


These majestic sunglasses never go out of trend. The delicate frames define the feminine nature quite appealingly and also give a petite look. They go perfectly well on a tomboyish outfit featuring a leather jacket and skinny trousers as well.

Cat- Eye

The feminine look definitely gets enhanced with this classic cat eye shaped glasses. They define the eye shape quite beautifully and also give the wearer a sublime look. Try either a solid color like black or brown or even a tiger print to give it an additional pep.

Inspired by Beatles

The classy round glasses of the lead singer of Beatles John Lennon is an instant favorite for all those musical souls. These glasses were heavily followed by many other rock musicians later and the trend still continues to rule the roost. Get the best out of this round shaped glasses by using a silver frame for that magical look.

Tinted Thrill

Being another wonderful retro style, tinted glasses are a must-have during the day out at a beach, or a long bike ride. Arriving in varying colors such as sea green, or classy blue- tinted glasses are a must-have piece in your purse!

Pretty Pearl

White has become the hottest color all of a sudden with many fashion bloggers choosing accessories like watches, sneakers and even scarves in this color. The white framed glasses gives an authoritative look and also commands power.  Most importantly, they are amazing to look at!

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