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Top 10 Facts About Venice, Italy

Venice is, no doubt, one of the most known cities in the world; definitely amongst those in Europe! However, even Venice – instantly recognizable to anyone with eyes – has the capacity to surprise.

Dig into these top 10 facts about Venice to find out craziest of things about the place, that you probably never thought of!

Venice used to be its own country

Between the tip of the 7th century and 1797, it had been the Republic of Venice– an economic powerhouse. Its wealth and status were mostly based on trade and negotiation, however, it had been not averse to putting together fortifications to protect its interests. The shorelines of Croatia and Greece are still littered with strongholds created by Venetian ingenuity – the wonderful Assos Fortress on the west side of Kefalonia is but one random example. The era came to an end in the eighteenth century, with the ascent of Napoleon.

Some Streets Are Too Narrow

You will notice this on the off chance that you meander down Calletta Varisco, a road in the Cannaregio locale that is only 53cm wide in parts. It is the tightest road in the city. For multiple of lanes in the city, “road” is maybe over-egging the depiction of what is more an alley.

Stunning Canals

There are many canals round the city, and the Grand Canal (Canal Grande) is one among them! This is the biggest canals within the city; one end of it leads into the lagoon close to the Santa Lucia railway station and the other end leads into Saint Mark Basin. In between, it makes a huge reverse-S-shape through the central districts of Venice. It’s 3.8 km long, and 30 to 90 m wide, with an average depth of 5 meters (16.5 ft.).


Unlike most cities, Venice is not car oriented, but Gondola oriented! Most of the intra-city travel is done through these famous boats that navigate through the canals spread across the stunning city.

City of Bridges

Venice has a great amount of bridges- both public and private. In totality, Venice has about 417 bridges, out of which 72 are private. The oldest bridge in the city is called the Rialto Bridge.

The famous Basilica is relatively a newcomer

Venice’s most renowned church is the subject of a million photos, the architectural star of the Piazza San Marco. Also, a congregation devoted to St. Mark has involved this spot since 828 AD – even though the present structure was not finished until 1092. But then, for all its age and greatness, the Basilica has just been the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Venice since 1807. You can still visit the place, although the crowds there are distinctly smaller.

Venice has the shape of a fish!

By making a brilliant arrangement of structure stilts and by avoiding water spills with mud, blocks and waste material, Venetians figured out how to assemble a concrete ground that has been hanging on for quite a long time. Who could’ve realized Venice would have the shape of a fish when seen from above! It’s such an irony!

Venice’s Cursed Building

Ask your guide or a local about the eeriest spot in Venice and it’s certain they will point you at Ca’Dario, a Palazzo with an alluring Venetian Renaissance engineering along the Grand Canal. The arrangement of unexplainable deaths which appear to influence the entirety of its owners originally begun path back when the structure was created in 1847.

Rialto Market

The Pescaria (Fish area) and Erbaria (Vegetable and Fruit segment) make up the entirety of Rialto Market. This is the spot to go if you need to see the local way of life or purchase a fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea, garden-grown vegetables, and brilliant flowers in Venice.


Ciao is the most famous Italian greeting, but truth is, it is actually originated in Venice! Specifically, it originates from a normal Venetian welcome, “s-ciavo vostro“, that converts into “your slave”. With time, the welcome progressed toward becoming “s-ciavo“, until it basically got to “ciao”, the word everyone uses today!

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Long hailed as the most spectacular city on Earth, there’s no denying that Venice is swamped with the admirers. Venice is celebrated for its profound blissfulness. We hope to have served you a fresh batch of facts about this remarkable city, to make your travel to it even more enlightening.

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