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5 Myths About Jeans You Should Totally Ignore

Perhaps, the most remarkable invention in the fashion industry is jeans. A simple pair of jeans remains the ultimate choice when you cannot decide what to wear. Anything which is as handy as jeans will be popular— and jeans are incredibly common, making them one of the most worn denim in the world. 

With popularity, myths naturally arise. People talk about jeans so much that there are many myths or misconceptions about jeans which should not get as much footage as they get. Hence, it becomes necessary that we know about them and not fall into their trap.  

In this post, I will talk about 5 myths about jeans which have no foundation whatsoever and should be debunked. So, here we go.  

Put Them In Freezer  

There is a commonly accepted myth about disinfecting jeans—putting them in freezers. While this can help you get rid of some bacteria, it will not eliminate those which can survive in harsh conditions.  

Also, this whole exercise is ultimately wasteful because you will end up wearing those jeans which will take in most of the germs from your body once your body warms them up. Moreover, defrosting introduces moisture in the fabric which provides a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.  

Buy Those Which Are Firm  

This is one myth I never understood and which seems to compromise with our comfort—but it is followed religiously and I want you not to.  

You will commonly hear people tell you to buy jeans one size smaller than your regular size because they will stretch out. This is not exactly true because there is no guarantee that this phenomenon always happens. In fact, it is highly advised that you only buy those jeans which are comfortable and hence, while trying them on, make sure you are able to breathe properly.  

Fresh Jeans Stretch Almost A Size In Time  

Much of this depends on the type of jeans you are purchasing. For example, if your jeans are made of elastane and cotton, they will not stretch out irrespective of how much you try because elastane will cause the size to restore itself to the original. So, it is highly recommended that you know the material used in the jeans before buying them.  

Do Not Wash Your Jeans At All  

This one is weird, but a lot of people believe in it. Many people, surprisingly though, believe that jeans should not be washed at all because the fabric would weaken and the size and shape of the jeans would change. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! 

Experts say that you should wash jeans after having worn them 4-6 times because by that time your jeans would have had contact with a large number of dust particles and germs which are unhealthy for your skin.  

There is one disclaimer in relation to raw denim: raw denim is essentially unwashed denim and must be allowed to take the shape of your body. Hence, it is advised that you give it at least six months before washing. In fact, the longer time you leave it unwashed, the better.  

It is to be noted that frequent or infrequent washing of jeans can tamper with the quality of their fabric. Whatever decision you take, make sure you take note of the type of denim you are wearing so that you do not underdo or overdo washing.  

Get Your Oversized/Undersized Jeans In A Hot Bath  

You go on YouTube and you will come across a number of hacks on how to get your jeans to the right size—one of them is getting them in a hot bath.  

Many think that if you wear your oversized/undersized jeans in a hot bath and until they dry out, they will take the shape of your body. Well, actually, this may not necessarily happen and chances are that your jeans will be of the same size they were before this whole exercise.  

One actual tip on stretching your undersized jeans is that you should sprinkle lukewarm water on jeans to add moisture. This will result in loosening of the threading and enable you to fit inside.   

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - 5 Myths About Jeans You Should Totally Ignore
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