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Top 20 Gorgeous And Can’t-Miss Places To Visit In Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

From England and France to Germany and Italy, European countries are brimming with vibrant cities known for their restaurants, museums, architecture, and nightlife.  with such a significant number of options available, picking the correct place to spend your European getaway can be quite difficult. 

That is the reason, with the help of travel experts, we’ve come up with a list of the best places to visit in Europe for a wide range of explorers. Regardless of whether you’re a solo traveler, adventurer, or foodie these places to visit in Europe will most likely fill your vacation days with adventures, fun and Instagram-worthy sights. 

Prague, Czech Republic 

A visit to Prague may have a craving for stepping into a fantasy or dream movie. Wander along the renowned saint James bridge. Join a tour as possible as in Prague’s castle. It’s a lovely view from here. 

Rome, Italy 

Rome has been, for decades, the main force to Italy’s tourism, and one of the most looked for places to visit in Europe. Rome is a city best explored by foot, which means you’ll need to walk for miles on your get-away



Rome has heart of Europe, Slovenia ’s enchanted castles, Adriatic coastline, wildflowers, and endless alpine lakes.

Budapest, Hungary 

Home to a portion of the world’s best Art Nouveau architecture, the Hungarian capital with its notable warm baths built during the 1700s and 1800s. 

Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon, Portugal has long been one of the most underestimated spots to visit in Europe. In any case, recently, it appears Europe’s best-kept secret is at last advancing toward the worldwide spotlight.

Berlin, Germany

Germany’s capital, heaven for an alternative lifestyle, techno music, the real key player to the most recent 60 years of worlds history. Berlin has many stories to tell.  

Dubrovnik, Croatia 

It’s hard not to fall head over heels in adoration with Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The vital sights alone, similar to the majestic Baroque buildings, and views of the Adriatic Sea will abandon you stunned and have you dazzled. 

Munich, Germany

Discussing Schloss Neuschwanstein, head over to Germany – clearly. Wide, nostalgic structures and a proud and rich Bavarian culture.  

Lucerne, Switzerland 

With its colorful Old Town, turreted structures and covered bridges, Lucerne feels like a page from a Swiss storybook. enjoy a superb and healthy serving of home-brewed beer at Rathaus Brauerei. 

Santorini, Greece

Visit this Greek island for its abundance of differing beaches. You’ll discover red sands at – Red Beach and black sands at Kamari Beach. Yet, remember to save a day to travel to archaeological attractions like Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thira. 

Swiss Alps 

Located south of Zurich, Bern, and Basel, the Swiss Alps are a safe house for a winter sports fan. While skiing, snowboarding, and hiking tend to dominate this area, you’ll additionally find interesting gorgeous scenery and towns. 

Reykjavik, Iceland 

Iceland’s capital is somewhat wild, weirdly wonderful and beautiful. During summer, the city has an apparently endless daytime with more than 20 hours of sunshine, which means there are huge amounts of time for exploration. 

Barcelona, Spain 

The electric atmosphere of Barcelona, Spain makes it an enduring most loved on annual lists of the best places to visit in Europe. When you are feeling tired of architecture, eat the local food, relax on the beach, or taste sangria along Las Ramblas.

Riga, Latvia 

Carved deeply in European culture and history, Riga is synonymous with noteworthy architecture, classical music, and elegance. 

Venice, Italy 

Venice, known as one of the most delightful and romantic spots to visit in Europe, is famous for offering passionate experiences for couples, similar to gondola rides down the Grand Canal. With a large number of noble eateries, theaters, and historic sites, Venice will definitely enchant a wide range of travelers. 

Saint Petersburg, Russia 

Saint Petersburg is the social heart of Russia. explore the city, hitting cultural destinations, vibrant bars, fine dining spots, and art historical centers.

Strasbourg, France

Your next romantic city break is here. Strasbourg has situated in the Eastern part of France, comfortable outskirt with Germany. The most delightful territory here is “La Petit France” with old structures and canals wandering through the old town.  

Florence, Italy 

Enchanting, historic and lovely, Florence will absolutely take your heart. Offering an authentic taste of Italy, Florence will put you on condition of pure delight with its mouthwatering cuisine, world-renowned museums, and interesting hotels.

Brettenham house, London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom 

Often voted as one of the most prevalent spots to visit in Europe, London is loaded with sights that will fill your travel bucket list, including the British Museum, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and London Eye.

Crete, Greece 

Crete is a flat out the Mediterranean jewel. Rich with archaeological and mythological history, Crete offers a sweet taste of old Greece with its social attractions and ancient ruins, for example, fortresses of Rethymnon and the monasteries as well as Minoan ruins. 

Wrap Up 

Ready to see and explore these unfathomable spots to visit in Europe?
Start making a plan for your trip now, and experience a breeze in your Europe! 

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