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A Checklist On What To Pack Before A Trip

Packing your bags before a trip

Packing your bags before a trip can be quite stressful. Whether you are traveling for a short or long duration, it is important to carry the essentials without fail. If you are travelling for the first time or usually trot across continents every other month, you should follow this checklist to ensure everything is going according to plan.

Checklists come in handy and help save a lot of time. After all, you want to travel stress-free and not get frantic about the things you forgot about, otherwise, it just adds to the expense of travelling and can be quite the buzzkill.

Prevent any and every sort of travel mishaps by going through the following pointers:

1. Pick the right size of your luggage: You need to keep in mind that the luggage your carry should be in line with the number of days you spend on your trip. If it is a short trip, do not waste too much time packing unnecessary items of clothings or accessories. Your luggage should be lightweight and easy to carry places. If you are going for a longer trip, make sure you have enough clothings and belongings but at the same time, do not make your luggage extra heavy or it will be difficult for you to enjoy your trip moving from one destination to another. You also need to ensure that your luggage is compact, does not have any broken wheels, handles or zippers. Take extra precautions while choosing the correct type of travel bags – whether you wish to opt for a suitcase, duffel bag, tote bag, carry on or wheeled backpack. It would primarily depend upon your necessity, but always ensure your comfortability.

2. Pack smart; organise your stuff: Whether you are travelling interstate or traversely, you need to pack wisely in order to avoid overpacking. Choose clothing items that can be worn regularly and can be layered up to break the monotony. Carry your favourite pair of jeans, some casual t-shirts, scarves, skirts or a dress to add the difference in style, or maybe a large shirt that pairs well with most of your clothing. Besides clothing, also keep your necessities in hand like underwear for daily usage, skin and hair care products, toothpaste, soap and a comb for your early morning rush and your must-have accessories like sunglasses, belts and a clutch or satchel for daily adventures.

3. Always make room for safety measures: Trips are unpredictable and hence you need to pack your belongings in the best possible way. Never forget to carry a first-aid kit or basic essentials like band aids, repellents, ointments and more. If you are taking some pills that help you go through your days, make sure they are safely kept in your hand luggage and stay with you at all times. These are highly important for you if you plan on travelling internationally this year. You can also check the said country’s Disease Control and Prevention website to keep a note of their health codes and revamp your checklist accordingly.

4. Collect important documents and enough cash: Going on a trip, whether you are travelling solo or with family or friends, requires you to carry all the essential documents that you might be asked for at the checking facility of the airport. Your identity proof, credit cards, boarding pass and cash need to be in your carry bag to prevent inconvenience. If you happen to have some loyalty program cards, bring them along to avail discounts and VIP access. This will aid you in travelling hassle-free. You should also be aware of your travel insurance and carry documents related to health insurance in case a misfortune occurs.

Always remember that wherever you are heading, you are going to have an amazing time and make the most out of your trip going on a lot of adventures. Explore the place and delve into their culture. Respect every person that comes along your way and click a lot of pictures! It also helps if you can learn the language of the place you visit. Travelling transforms your personality for the better. Best of luck for your new adventure!

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