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10 Most Exotic Destinations To Visit On Your Honeymoon

Celebrating your nuptials with a unique bond and commencing your relationship with an exotic honeymoon is indeed a treat to the couple.

Cherish some long-lasting memories as you head to a blissful honeymoon time with your significant other.

Remember the first impression is the last impression, and it’s always a treasure to keep your spouse happy and content, a honeymoon sets the benchmark right.

From beaches to mountains, deserts to rain forests, the options are endless, however, drenching in romance with your partner shouldn’t. We have got you covered with these exotic honeymoon destinations that will surely spice up your relationship.

10 Most Exotic Destinations To Visit On Your Honeymoon:

  1. Maldives
    Imagine a pulsating vibe on the azure waters overlooking the pristine white sand beaches on the shore, while you gaze at the horizon until sun paints the sky into an orange bar with your significant other. This is the magic of Maldives, experienced effortlessly at the comfort of your water villa where you can both dunk in ultimate joy and taste the flavour of happiness. Experience adventure with scuba diving and create timeless memories with your beloved partner on a cruise holiday. Also, don’t forget to indulge at the bioluminescent beaches.
  2. Greece
    The uber-breathtaking city in white and blue theme always gives us a chill down the spine, the moment we think of this picturesque place. A truly romantic getaway to cherish with your beloved partner at a gorgeous setup like Greece is indeed a magical midas lending its surreal beauty to the glorious scapes worth treasuring. A whole ton of adventure activities await you, go for a date night on a parachute and explore the benign beauty on the air.

  3. Dubai.
    Think about the serene safari deserts, lush wilderness, exotic cuisine, luxury lifestyle and a gamut of adventure activities to indulge in. If this doesn’t bring an exciting adrenaline rush to you, we don’t know what will. Rejuvenate on the tranquil beaches or hum a tune bygone with your spouse on a desert safari trail to effortlessly fuse into the Arabic traditions and explore the glitz and glamour of the wonderful destination.
  4. Seychelles
    How about lazying around on the tranquil azure beaches all by yourself with a glass of wine and picnic mats to soak the warm sun? Sounds just dreamy, right? Seychelles is one such picturesque honeymoon destination popular amongst the millennial couples who would love to indulge in luxury and bask in the surreal natural beauty of a sheer clear coastline. Go out for a dolphin spotting in a cruise where you both can enjoy chilled champagne, turquoise waters, mellow sunshine and a slight nip in the air, if that’s your plan, pack your bags and book tickets to this formidable haven.

  5. Cambodia
    An offbeat honeymoon destination for couples who appreciate the beauty of architectural marvels, rich cultural history, ancient relics, religion-inspired art and spirituality. An abode to the world’s largest and oldest temples, Cambodia offers a bounty of nature lush, pristine white sand beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, dazzling nightlife and enthralling adventure activities to dwell upon. Relish an intimate affair with your spouse on a cruise dinner date followed by a traditional folk dance performed at local theatres to experience a phenomenal tradition.

    Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

  6. Venice
    Of romantic boat rides, soft kisses under the bridges, sharing the famous gelato and exploring the old-world charm of this spectacular city with the love of your life will certainly put a pause to your time. A travellers paradise, a hidden gem on one of the offbeat Mediterranean coasts, Venice has an enriching history and a captivating aura that will spell a cast on your love. Go on a Gandola ride or witness a soul-stirring sunset at St. Mark’s Square, watch a romantic ballet performance or rekindle love with a romantic dinner on a cruise.

  7. Paris
    Honeymooner’s paradise isn’t complete without this quintessential romantic getaway. Imagine a cheesy pose with your better half against a stunning backdrop of the popular Eiffel Tower and Lake Sienna crossing the city, how romantic, your friends and family will be gushing at both of you. But wait, there’s much more to the beautiful city, visit the artistic palaces and museums, evoke an air of luxury on the streets of Les Champs Elysses. Treat yourselves to the utterly popular wine and cheese, shop from the best couturiers in the world and explore the rich history of the ancient world in the heart of Paris.

  8. New Zealand
    Head over to the surreal picturesque place somewhere over the rainbow, to enjoy the natural bounty of Milford Sound, an adventurous experience at Queenstown, or take a relaxing sunbath at the Rotorua, a perfect haven for couples to indulge in luxury of romance and peace galore. If you’re planning to enjoy a secluded honeymoon, take a ferry ride from Auckland to remote and virgin beaches and beautiful vineyards at the Waiheke Island. Experience the geothermal hot springs with your significant other at Rotorua and fall in love with the sumptuous resorts.

    Auckland, New Zealand
  9. Ireland
    If living in worldly castles is your dream and building dreams of fairy-like fables is your fantasy, Ireland will fulfil all of it. With its enchanting natural beauty and surreal charm, Ireland has a lot to offer its Game of Thrones fans besides the palatial museums and monuments. Witness the goodness of both urban and rural lifestyle as you sit atop a mountain and gaze at the beauty around for hours with your partner. Take a cruise on a River Shanon, explore the ancient Irish castles, visit the Killarney National Park or you can even spend some quality time at the Glencar waterfalls.


  10. Peru
    Take on an adventure with your better half as you explore the glorious ruins and terrific beauty of nature in Peru. Experience the glorious nature, adventure, wildlife and culture coming together without compromising on luxury and fine dining. Go for a trek to the famous Machu Picchu or explore the ancient sites of Incas at in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Take a break at Amazon rainforests and cherish a truly memorable honeymoon.
    Inkaterra La Casona, Cusco, Peru

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