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Top 10 Fashion Trends To Look For In Spring 2019

2019 Spring season is all about getting inquisitive in color choices and also experiment on various styles of clothing. It is also time to get bold in mixing and matching different prints which would also make a personality statement. The blooming of fresh flowers, summery air and beautiful blue sky adds to the latest fashion trends this season!

When is Spring 2019?

Spring 2019 starts on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 and ends on Friday, June 21st 2019.

Here are the top 10 trends we have lined up this year which would make your day more peppy and colourful.

Animal Prints:

This retro trend was a big rage during the 70s era when pop divas sported it on stage. The year 2019 has witnessed the comeback of this trend once again. Whether it is a stylish blazer, or an ankle length trouser, animal prints is a big yes and a must have piece in your wardrobe this year! It is also a timeless trend which would never grow old.

Solid Color Pantsuits:

While the stripes were ruling the roost earlier, the plain jane look with solid colored pant suits are not only perfect for a work meeting, but also effortlessly go well for a club party as well when chosen a bold color. Right from short sleeve to the longer sleeve, top it with a floral belt which would make the outfit even more adorable!

Lavender Love:

The timeless color gets its due this year being the hottest favorite of celebs as well as common people alike. Lavender has an utterly feminine feel to it which suits almost for every occasion – right from a casual cocktail party to a formal business day look. A solid lavender maxi dress would never be a no- no for any classy woman. You can also team up the current trend of white sneakers for this colour.

Puffy Hands:

The puffy hand look goes well with almost every outfit- right from a flowing top to a flowery dress. Team up these trendy hands look with cold shoulder- making it double hotter for a late night party. This trend is not just good to look at, but also quite comfortable to wear.

Checkered Day:

The timeless trends take their place once again and checkered patterns is one such trend. These patterns not only give a tomboyish look but also are quite comfortable to wear for any occasion. Experiment on mix and matching various patterns of checks to give a minimal yet impactful appeal. Either choose a masculine footwear like heavy leather boots or completely feminine pointed heels over this pattern to get the perfect look.

Patch it Up:

Patchwork was a hottest trend during 90s which was extensively used in various bold colours and patterns. It gives a funkier and youthful appeal and sets a perfect style for spring season. Be bold in choosing colors and push the patchy limits!

Go Minimal:

Minimalism has become quite a trend these days where instead of investing on too many accessories, the trend is to look appealing and adorable even with lesser add-ons. Shrunken bags, delicate jewelry and layered necklaces have become the perfect fits for spring season.

Obsession with Neutral:

While contrasting coloring and patterns were the trend earlier, 2019 is an year of neutrals. Choose an earthly color like beige or classy black to get the right and stunning look.

Fishnet Layering:

Layering always adds a great character and changes the overall look of an outfit. This 90s fishnet trend is actively catching up with either a waistcoat or a longline shrug over a casual pair of trousers and white shirt.

Polka Fun:

The classy polka dots can never go out of trend. Whether it is the monochrome dots or a bold colour, polka dots always bring playful shade this spring. Enjoy a day in the sun with a polka jumpsuit or go formal with a polka blazer as well!

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