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Study: Top 10 Destinations For Women Travelers: You Cannot Afford To Miss This Year

Marrakesh, Morocco ranked number one destination in the world for women travelers in 2019

Traveling always brings up a new dimension to the way of perceiving life. It brings out new thoughts, ideas and also offers a space for rejuvenation for the soul. For all those wanderlusts and those who yearn to travel a bit this year, here are some of the best destinations for women travelers which cannot be missed for sure!

New research by the CEOWORLD magazine has ranked ten of the best destinations for women traveling alone. The factors top business magazine used to rank their list were safety, lodging costs, atmosphere and the overall quality of experience (among other factors). Morocco’s Marrakesh topped the list for the best destination for solo female travel, followed by Perth in Australia and the highlands in Scotland in the United Kingdom. Rounding out the list were the Caribbean, the Peloponnese in Greece, Mexico, Namibia, Chengdu in China, South America’s Patagonia,  and Singapore.

These are the top 10 destinations for women travelers in 2019:

1. Marrakesh, Morocco:

This mystic country has always attracted much attention worldwide. From their turquoise carpets, to aromatic mint teas, Marrakesh offers everything a travel-hungry soul for yearning for. Catch up with the enigmatic music of the place and exotic argan oil beauty during the stay at this magical location.

2. Perth, Australia:

The west coast of Australia is always a thumping yes for that travel hungry soul. Their exquisite collection of wines, gourmet food options and succulent range of cuisines is another icing on the cake. Watch out for the annual exhibition Sculpture by the Sea this March if you have a go-to sudden plan to visit the place!

3. Highlands in Scotland:

To get that recharge of nature boost, Scotland is the ideal destination to look for. If you find solace in witnessing miles of green grass and nothing but breezy wind, Scottish highlands offers just that. For those adventurous souls, skiing and various sports activities also find their mettle here.

4. Caribbean Calm:

Who can say no to unending coastline with foot tapping music and magical sunsets? Caribbean offers just that with an island like beauty for the tired traveler. Indulge in those aimless walks near the seashore, or try a luck in fishing! Head off to St. Barths, the hottest Caribbean island destination without a doubt!

5. The Peloponnese, Greece:

Bored of the hustle bustle of daily living and the fast paced living? Head out to witness the laid back Mediterranean blue sea and also the pristine open spaces. It definitely offers a great solace and also offers free thinkers a bit of space to get out of the box. “Of all the places I’ve visited, I can say that Greece is the number one place for female travelers to visit, especially on a solo trip. Surrounded by sea from all sides, the Peloponnes region in Greece provides amazing beaches,” says Nikolas M, Director at the Cosmos Yachting told CEOWORLD magazine. Cosmos Yachting offers a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world such as; Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, the Caribbean, Seychelles, Thailand, Australia, French Polynesia, and many more. Highlights of the Peloponnese: Olympia (the birthplace of the Olympics), Mycenae, Sparta and Mistra, Epidauros, Nafplio, Kardamyli, Pylos, Dolphin Bay, Metamorfosi, Spetses, Theoni Fish Tavern, Vathy, among others.

6. Magical Mexico:

Looking for a bit of tan and a laid back holiday with loads of wine? Valle De Guadalupe is one such destination in the feisty country Mexico. Bringing up mesmerizing seafood from Pacific sea coast, the place offers wide range of food options.

7. Namibian Adventure:

For wildlife lovers and those who love adventure quite a bit, Namibia is a perfect destination. Head out to skeleton coast or get sandy with desert during the stay. The place also offers wide safari destination options to have a thrilling trip with giraffes and African lions!

8. China’s Chengdu:

This culturally rich destination offers much more than what is looks like. Ranging from the music of rap group Higher Brothers, to city’s independent boutique range, Chengdu has something for everyone.

9. Patagonia, South America:

Nature lovers would find inexplicable solace in the wide landscapes of Patagonia. Snow filled Andes mountain range or the desert areas- Spanning both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is almost pollution free and offers fresh air for the urbane population.

10. Singapore:

This fast paced urbane city offers lots of shopping options and wide range of cuisines for those who want to feel explore urban landscapes more. With their wide range of restaurants and ample night life, Singapore has something for every person. You can also plan out as Singapore like a base and head out to nearby islands such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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