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5 Most Promising Freelance Jobs In 2019


The demand for freelancers is at an all-time high. Organisations are recognising their contribution to cutting cost and getting better quality work done. With numerous options like homework service, data entry and app development, what are the best freelance jobs for freelancers in 2019?


The internet runs on the content of websites. This content has to be written by somebody. This is why content writers are in high demand.

There are different genres for writers to explore. They include blogs, web content, product description and reviews, among others. Each writing genre requires specific skills.

There are websites and platforms for interested writers to get these jobs. Some require bidding while others assign work to the writers directly. In some cases, you have to contact the clients directly through personal initiative. With numerous options for writers, the future is bright writing content online.


This involves the transformation of audio files into text. It is also one of the fastest growing sectors for freelancers. It requires a writer who can listen and write, sometimes in multiple languages.

Transcription requires a computer or laptop that can handle audio files effectively. You also need specific software that allows you to mark time on the script produced. You will require quality headphones that boost your hearing.

The websites offering transcription jobs require a person to register. You will be subjected to a test that evaluates, among others, your accuracy, hearing skills and typing speed. Transcription may come with translation or be transcription alone.

Virtual Assistant

Businesses and executives are moving away from hiring workers. This does not mean that they do not need personal assistants and people to run their errands. Virtual assistants work remotely yet do what an office assistant would be expected to do.

Virtual assistants are required to answer to emails, respond to customer queries and sometimes even pick phone calls on behave of companies. Assistants also book hotels, interviews and appointments for bosses. You may also be required to conduct research or gather data and information on behalf of your boss.

The tools required to work as a virtual assistant include a computer or laptop with sufficient working speed. You will need an internet connection and sometimes VoIP services if you will be answering phone calls. The work environment may require you to work extra-ordinary hours because of different time zones with your boss.

Virtual assistants are required to have multiple skills. The skills include customer care, internet savvy-ness, data entry and research, among others. It is one of the most dynamic yet rewarding segments for freelancers.

Social Media Management

This is among the newest areas to explore for freelancers. Luckily, it requires the most basic skills because everyone is using one form of social media or another. This means that you do not require any specialised skills.

You need to be conversant with different social media platforms. You must also learn to monetise and engage like a brand or personality. You will be required to run several campaigns, especially for marketing purposes. Luckily, you can perform this job using a phone and from anywhere around the world.

Some of the additional skills required include crafting short and catchy messages. You should also be good at producing small graphics like videos, images and multimedia files. This is a 24/7 engagement because social media can get viral in a flash.

Graphics Design

This is a wide area of coverage for freelancers. It is the kind of work performed by an agency. The graphics may be in picture form, video or other types of files.

The client will send you an idea and require you to be as creative as possible. You will be required to pass a particular message using the graphics. Learn such software as Adobe, CorelDraw and InDesign, among others.

Freelance jobs in 2019 are increasingly becoming a source of income around the world. Clients are giving excellent rewards to get my homework done. Identify a niche, acquire the skills and begin earning from the comfort of your sofa.

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