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Top 5 Fashion Trends For Women To Follow In 2019

Fashion Trends For Women To Follow In 2019

2019 flags the beginning of new undertakings, restored objectives, and fresh out of the box new fashion trends! You should expect a resurgence of nostalgic top choices like tie-dye print and new obsessions like oversized hats.

These are the top five fashion trends for women to follow in 2019!

Boiler Suits

The boiler suit quickly became the go-to uniform for everyone, from people like fire-fighters and plumbers to people in the fashion crowd in the Seventies and Eighties. Built for wearing while working, boiler suits were popularised by women during the Second World War when they began to work in factories.

When it comes to boiler suits; pick the cut and color that you rock the most. These long-sleeved jumpsuits are available in a plethora of fabulous styles, so you won’t ever be short on choices.

Boiler suits are quickly rising to fame. This fashionable representation of fashion-meets-function, boiler suits are a statement in the form of an outfit, and it will surely up your style game in 2019.

Oversized Hats

When it comes to 2019 summer’s trend, the bigger the better is the rule! Also, it is actually perfect for anyone who wants a little sun protection. Not only are extra-wide brimmed hats super trendy, they’re also great for protecting your upper half of the body from the sun’s harmful rays, keeping your skin healthy and happy. Whether plain or pattern, the extra-wide brimmed hats add an on-trend edge to any outfit. Wear these oversized hats with dresses, slouchy suits, overalls, and more.

Talking about hats, even the bucket hats are well and fortunately back. Yes, the iconic ’90s accessory is a must-have item for 2019 and should undoubtedly be on your shopping list if you don’t already own one. Providing both sun protection and style, these casual and cool hats are perfect for weekend getaways.

Puffed Shoulders

The perfect amalgamation of the Victorian era and the era of Dynasty, the puff sleeve is both flattering and stylish. Not to mention, it makes the perfect pairing for all your faithful blue jeans. Quickly rising as every fashionable woman’s favourite new silhouette, puff sleeve blouses and dresses are taking over in 2019.
Bold shoulders are not really something you haven’t heard about before, but rather than padded, boxy ones, this year’s take is a whole lot puffier. Often gathered at the shoulder with pleats of elastic, puffed shoulders work especially well with square necklines on feminine dresses.


Gone are the days when you’d find people hand dyeing solely the white tees with their camp counsellors, because in 2019, tie-dye has gone far beyond the simple tee into the world of fashion.
Admittedly, 2019’s take on this trend that started back in the ‘60s is a lot more elegant. Historically, tie-dye has a hippie flower-power essence, whereas the 2019 take on the spring tie-dyes are very chic and modern. From the more sophisticated colour combinations to the more tasteful fabrics and the eccentric shapes, the new tie-dye is more elevated and fashion forward than ever!

Animal Print

In 2019, street style stars let their animal instincts take over with loud and wild prints. In particular, bold leopard print is a favourite amongst the fashion loving people and has appeared repeatedly on a plethora of garments, including but not limited to pants, coats, dresses and suits. To follow the lead of these chic ladies and unleash your own inner big cat, choose a strong, bold and striking design with relatively loud and bright colours. Or else, you can also consider an all-over leopard print look with a matching dress or a matching jumpsuit. And if you’re feeling particularly playful, you can even add a leopard print bag or shoes.

With these style tips, you’re without a doubt prepared to start this season with your style game on point! Also, don’t be reluctant to experiment, since at the end of the day, your outfit is supposed to be an impression of your persona. You go, girl!

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