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What Dubai Marina Is Getting Famous For Among The Tourists?


A few years back, one of the prime reasons to visit Dubai was basically business or for a company set and trade. But recently in last few year, a number of people from other parts of the world are visiting Dubai for various other reasons too. A few of the people migrate to the place for having a better lifestyle while there are also some who prefer to have a great vacation out there in Dubai.

When noticed through the tourist point of view, Dubai is known to be one of the best destinations that can be perfect for all types of people. Whether you are a foodie or a shopper or a creative lover, or even someone who admires high-tech facilities, Dubai has so much to offer to the tourists coming up here. You can explore so many options such as the skyscrapers, amazing shopping joints, gold jewelries, spice market, and so on.

If you are in Dubai since quite a sometime, you must come across the new place Dubai Marina. The newly established residential district is not only now famous among the people of Dubai but also among many of the tourists who arrive here. There are a number of reasons for which the Dubai Marina place is actually getting famous and known among the tourists of Dubai.

Dubai Marina

The Smart District

Whatever locality of area you check out in Dubai, you will find a good amount of development carried on. But some are really modern and high-tech and Dubai Marina is currently one of the finest examples to it. When you have a trip of this place to explore the various features, you will be amazed to check out the range of options available here. What not can you get here? You have smart cafés, super modern shopping centers, big buildings holding different offices, beautiful residential projects, and many more that can woo any of the individuals coming up from some other place outside Dubai.

Dubai is known for its modern and high tech creations. The skyscrapers of Dubai are famous all over the world and the tallest building of the world is in Dubai itself. The development is not stopped yet and there are many more progressions that are going on so that Dubai can offer much more to the people. Dubai Marina is one such recent creation and is worth a watch for sure.

Dubai Marina

The Beautiful View

People in Dubai believe that beauty of nature should not be marred in order to get modern and high tech. This can be noticed by a number of projects out there that has a combination of modernity along with greenery. Dubai Marina is one such place where you can check out the modern life along with the natural beauty. The canal that passes through the residential district is manmade and it makes the place look immensely beautiful.

A number of cruises or dhows float on the canal for various purposes. If you get a chance of boarding any of such cruises, you will be amazed by having a view of the whole Dubai Marina from a distance. While you are on the cruise at night, you will be able to check out the city lights that make the whole district look so beautiful. Of course, at times, the star lights and the star filled sky also add up to the glamor quotient of the place.

Experience Luxury Here In A Lavish Way

If you are not much into exploring the modern elements and praising them, you are surely someone who needs to have some great time on the dinner cruise in Dubai Marina. The canal that is there in between the Dubai Marina is connected to the JBL beach and offers for a number of vessels to float for various reasons. One of the reasons why you will find such vessels out here is for the dinner cruise.

The dhow cruises or the dinner cruises are here you to provide you an amazing experience of a floating restaurant for a time of four hours or so each evening. There are so many of them and you can pick up the right one to have a great time alone or with your special ones.

There are two different options through which you can get the bookings done. The first one is the common and normal one where you just need to get the bookings done of the number of people who will be onboard. There will be different charges for different age groups and hence it is better that you check the details about the charges on the official website of the service provider. Apart from the charges detail, you can also check out the timing of the cruise so that you can plan up accordingly.

If you are someone who wish to have the cruise all for yourself, that is also possible. You can book a private cruise or a yacht for the same time and can enjoy your alone time. There are a number of times when people get such a private option to celebrate an event or to impress someone. There are again different charges for the private ones depending upon the factors such as the type of cruise option and also the number of people who will be there onboard.

Dubai Marina

What Facilities You Can Avail?

When it is called the floating restaurant, it is not just about having food on the cruise. It means you can have a lavish time when you are getting the bookings done on the cruise. When it is a dinner, the main focus will be the food. If you are getting across the best options such as the Alexandra Dhow Cruise, you will be mesmerized by the range of international food options available at the buffet counter.

Not just different varieties of starters and desserts, you will also have various cuisines from across the world. There is something or the other for everyone on the cruise. If you are a vegetarian, you do not have to worry either because you will come across an ample number of vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy from the buffet counter.

The dinner is not just alone, rather it is accompanied by entertainment options onboard. There are different options of entertainment that you can have onboard of different service providers. For example, if you book the option of Alexandra Dhow Cruise, you can enjoy love performances such as live vocalist and also live dance performances. Similarly, you can have different such options on different cruises.

Not sure about the bookings yet? You can have a trip of the websites first in such a case. Checking out the website will not only allow you to find details of the charges and the timing of the cruise, you will also come up with a number of other details such as the performances details, the food menu, and many others. Also, you will have contact details of the executives who can be contacted in case of any kind of doubt so that you can get the bookings done in a much relaxed way.

The popularity of the dhow cruises of Dubai Marina can be well seen on various review sites too. Google Reviews that is based on the reviews of the real customers have been providing great motivation to a wide number of people who wish to get bookings done on the dinner cruise. Also, the reviews help you in choosing out the right one among the various options that are available out here. Whether you wish to celebrate an event, or wish to propose someone or even wish to just spend some quality time, the dinner cruise is a perfect option in such cases. The set up is just perfect to make your moments special and you can carry this with you in your memory lanes that you can cherish for a long time.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - What Dubai Marina Is Getting Famous For Among The Tourists?
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