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Benefits of Blended Learning That You Should Know About

The rapid technological advancements in recent times have changed the teaching landscape for good. Today, the widespread integration of technology into our society, combined with the availability of the internet has the most important factor behind driving the change that we are witnessing in teaching today. These changes in the teaching methods have been very influential and have helped the students to understand better. One of the commonly used modern teaching methods that is gaining much hype is Blended Learning.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning can be defined as a combination of learning methods that include traditional teaching methods and eLearning methods. It contains classroom-based learning combined with Internet-based learning. Blended learning ensures that the learners are engaged while making sure that they are driven towards individual learning experiences.

One of the best examples of Blended Learning is instructor-led training, which is something that is gaining popularity in the eLearning industry after being adopted by some of the best online certification providers, like Simplilearn. It provides various courses, like Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. It is great for complex topics, where the learner’s need explanation and expert opinion in immediate response to doubts that arise. Apart from instructor-led learning, there are other methods of blended learning as well, like self-paced learning that provides learner control over the pace of learning.

Now that you have understood what blended learning is, you might be interested in knowing why is it gaining popularity. If that’s the case, here are the benefits of blended learning that has been driving its growth:

It provides flexibility

Blended learning provides great flexibility in presenting learning content to the learners. This is a great way to make complex topics understandable for the learners since you can present them in a live classroom situation encouraging the learners to clear their doubts then and there. The other subject matters can be made available online that the learners can access whenever they want. With the online component, the learners get flexibility over how they learn.

It’s time-saving

The traditional way of teaching and learning is time-consuming since the instructors prepare the needed materials for the learners and the learners travel to a specified location to attend the classes. Blended Learning provides respite from these time-consuming constraints by allowing the instructors to upload all the materials on a single platform and helping the learners to access the materials whenever and wherever they want, saving a great amount of time.

It’s effective and efficient

A well-planned blended learning strategy can ensure that you quickly and efficiently provide training to a large audience. Owing to digital assets, like eBooks, PDFs, videos, and recordings, the potential of reusing the resources in blended learning is huge. This lets the instructors train more people while making sure that they understand everything through online classrooms, which means it is both efficient and effective.

It makes education more accessible

Traditional teaching and learning come with various limitations, that makes accessibility limited to classrooms and textbooks. However, that is not the case when it comes to blended learning. Blended learning allows the training providers to create apps and websites that can provide study materials to the learners. These study materials can be accessed from anywhere and also at any time. Also, blended learning methods, like instructor-led learning helps the training providers interact with the learners, which makes it very accessible.

It can be customized or personalized

Unlike the traditional ways of teaching, blended learning can be customized as per the needs of the learners. The training providers can also analyze what’s working and what’s not, and then personalize the methods they use to make the learning process more interactive and interesting for the learners. Also, blended learning methods can be designed in a specific way, keeping in mind what the learners want which provides great flexibility to this teaching method.

It is cost-effective

The up-front set-up cost of blended learning might be very intimidating. You might feel that you need to spend a huge amount of money to buy the software, which is not required in traditional learning methods. But believe or not, blended learning is actually a more cost-effective method than traditional learning in the long run. It saves the money that you need to spend on physical materials, like books and others that might change with changes in the trends. In the case of blended learning, all you need to do is edit the material online if the trends change.

Effective communication

Blended learning provides plenty of ways for the trainers to communicate effectively with the learners and vice versa. Today, online learning platforms offer a plethora of built-in communication systems starting from messaging to live videos. This has opened ways for better communication among the trainers and the learners. While you may argue that traditional methods provide better communication opportunities as the trainers and learners are in the same room, the blended learning methodologies provide more interactive solutions that encourage the learners to take part in the communication.

There you go, these are some of the best benefits of blended learning. Owing to all these benefits, blended learning is growing in stature and more training providers and businesses are turning to it. Same is with the learners, today, most of the learners prefer training providers who provide blended learning methods, since it provides them with great flexibility and interactive learning platform.

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