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4 Top Brands On Instagram That Boost Body Confidence


Are you looking for a brand that helps step up your body confidence? Getting your desired body image requires a little hard work and making the right choices when it comes to selecting brands for apparels, accessories, tech and online activities.

Essentially, you need to find brands that exude quality, panache, and sustainable living. Whether it is a snazzy lingerie brand such as Knix or skincare products from Body Shop, these are built to naturally step up your positive body image & confidence.

Here is a list of the top Instagram accounts for sustainable brands that largely promote a stronger & poignant body image.

@Healthy is the new skinny

Social media accounts play a pivotal role in boosting self-confidence & body positivity. The brand ‘Healthy is the new skinny’ took to Instagram to connect with their audience and impart more positivity vibes. Their inspirational quotes and tweets regarding health and fitness are all you need to get that morning energy for your daily routine. With their tagline ‘Dedicated to creating a healthy image in the media for girls and women’, they continue to motivate women across the globe to overcome fears of low esteem and learn more about gaining confidence through a lifestyle overhaul.


Aerie is an American Eagle brand, which applies ingenuity to achieve their objective of encouraging women & girls to adopt more realistic standards. As part of their campaign, they also eliminated airbrushing back in 2014. Their tweets reflect a strong body-positive vibe motivating their customers to embrace healthy lifestyle practices to develop a more impressive body image. You will enjoy going through their feed on Instagram where you can learn all about fashion concepts and body language dynamics. Browse through their model ambassadors, their shoots, and their customers & inspirational stuff.


A popular fashion designer and model, Nadia Aboulhosn is also an avid blogger who loves sharing body positivity vibes that inspire her fans and followers across the globe. Her inspirational tweets reflect her admirable leadership qualities for others to take up. With interactive collaborations with industry biggies like Boohoo and Addition Elle including American Apparels, she continues to share fashion-savvy tweets and wow-worthy style content in her feed including no-makeup selfies and rib-tickling quips.


When it comes to beauty & body shape, this brand leaves no stone unturned to advocate their body positivity tagline, ‘style is not just for those with perfect size only’. Their feed is more about beauty beyond size and the snaps they keep posting featuring 50+-year-old models and plus-size showstoppers inspire females of all body types helping them move on in life with a more impressive & strong body image.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - 4 Top Brands On Instagram That Boost Body Confidence
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